Sunday, October 11, 2009

Is CTV Playing a Shell Game with the News?

I noticed something odd that got me thinking about shell games and political agendas.

I had some time today to indulge in a little political web surfing and discovered that there are different tracks and different narratives within the CTV website.

Let me explain.

I connected to the CTV website to watch the Oct. 11 edition of Question Period as follows:

CTV main page


Question Period

Watch Now (on the QP icon)

The above screenshot is the end product, pay special attention to the QP icon on the left and the accompanying text.

Watch Now

Watch the latest episode of Question Period

Now click the link and you get this.

Interesting in as much as this is footage from LAST JULY!

Now....for something different....try this route.

CTV Main page



Watch Now (on the QP Icon)

Did you notice the differences?

Pay attention to the script beside the QP icon.

Policy and Polls: Political fortunes shift on Parliament Hill

Which links to this

Please note that both video links are dated October 11, 2009.

So, back to the shell game and more importantly......Can you find the pea?


Sunday, October 04, 2009

When YoYo Ma Plays Along......

In a bit of political theatre the likes we havn't seen since Bill Clinton saxed off on Letterman, Stephen Harper tore down the house in Ottawa in ways that were both surprising and expected.

Labeled a policy wonk and a closed man with a hidden agenda Stephen Harper is proving his critics wrong.

In one deft, self deprecating, brilliant move, he has closed the humanity gap and cornered both Jack and Iffy.

That's the man I want running the show.