Thursday, January 03, 2008


Garth Turner has once again pissed me off. Thanks Garth. It's about time I got off my ass. Mr. Turner drops his most recent pile of shit here.

As prolific and prosaic as this scumbag is he still can't hide his ignorance. I offer this as proof:

I learned 147 species a day are going extinct.

Wow Garth! 147 a day! How many days do you figure it will be before it's just us? But it gets worse.

That the seas will rise 20 millimetres in the next 40 years, and probably two millimetres in the next ten.

Wha? I thought it was 20 feet...Al said so.....Stephane concurred. Don't tell me this is a Gimli glider thing. It's all a horrible miscalculation from imperial to metric?

That each mm hike in the sea level floods one flat metre of coastal land. That 100 million people now live within one metre of the sea. And I got to wondering why it is we have political instability in Kenya, Pakistan, Iraq, Haiti, Afghanistan, Indonesia and most other countries which are environmentally stressed.

Garth....that is a impassioned plea for environmental justice.....the only problem here is that Afghanistan is landlocked.

Near as I can suck at math and geography. That's the best case scenario.