Monday, April 13, 2009

Simply Astonished and Confused...

S0....I'm watching CTV's Powerplay today and the show closes with "Craig"s Take", a Mercer style rant wherein Craig Oliver weighs in with pithy comment on all things politic.

Today's topic was the heinous treatment of one B. Mulrooney by the current incarnation of the only viable right wing party in this country. I was enthralled!

Craig waxes poetic on the retrospective virtues of said former Prime Minister BM and goes so far as to invoke the ghosts of both John A. and John Diefenbaker. Craig concludes that this generation of conservatives have shamefully abandonded a great leader in Muldoon. The irony is breathtaking.....really.

But the best is yet to come. Craig claims that Harper has moved to distance himself from Muldoon by claiming that Brian doesn't have a membership in the CPC. Muldoon claims that he's a Conservative forever.


But here's the kicker.....Craig Oliver credits the "Pundits and the Illuminati" for getting to the bottom of this.



Craig wouldn't let slip that"professional journo's" play insider baseball? Would he?

Further to that.....Did you happen to notice the absence of audio on the Harper clip? Technical difficulties no doubt.

It almost makes one think that some sort of conspiracy was at hand.