Monday, December 01, 2008

Bye Bye Canadian Pride....

With all due respect to Don Mclean... In light of the recent devoplement regarding the Canadian parliament I thought a Canadian version of American pie was in order.

This is it:

A long long time ago
I can still remeber
How the pollies used to make me smile...
and if I knew I had a chance
to make those sleazy weasels dance
and maybe they'd be silent for awhile

and global warming made me shiver
with every paper I deliver
bad news on the dorstep
I couldnt take one more step
I can't rember if I cried
when I read about the apartiad
but something grabed me deep inside
"The Day the Union Died".

Bye bye Canadian Pride
Got the lefties pull'in shifties cause the money run dry
The good ol boys were behind the lie
Singin' this will be the day of Progri
This will be the day of Progri...

Did you write the book of pro?
And do you have faith in hippie love
Did Barak Obama tell you so?
Now did you believe The Daily Show
Can Gilles Duceppe run the show?
And can you screw me real slow

Well I know you're a whore for power things
cause I heard you yapping in the wings
Ya both kicked out you're clues
Man I dig the loser cues
I was a lonely right wing out of luck
But I knew I was really fuckked
The day the union died.

( chorus)