Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Rocking Horse Leader

As Michael Ignatieff sacrifices his elite panache on the alter of populism the first thing that comes to my mind is The Rocking Horse Winner by D.H. Lawrence.

A quote:

And even as he lay dead, his mother heard her brother's voice saying to her, "My God, Hester, you're eighty-odd thousand to the good, and a poor devil of a son to the bad. But, poor devil, poor devil, he's best gone out of a life where he rides his rocking-horse to find a winner."


Sunday, July 18, 2010

At Least it Wasn't Camp AdscamChaChing

The Liberal Express continues it's cross Canada oddity and thanks to the kind folks in the LPC we have some excellent video.

So is it just me or did anybody else find that to be a tad creepy? Besides the wierdness I wonder at the effectiveness of schlepping for votes at a summer camp for kids unless one is campaigning for the 2020 election. Maybe Iffy is planning on supporting PMSH's budgets until then.

I was also disappointed Iffy wasn't wearing a buckskin jacket but he has been out of the country for a while so he probably isn't up to speed on Primeministerial canoeing protocol.

And finally, were I Iffy, I wouldn't want to get back on the bus either.


Saturday, July 10, 2010

I Smell Therefore I am.

It's Stampede time here in Calgary so the morning air is replent with the scent of frying bacon, blueberry pancakes and maple syrup. Of course this also means that politicians in cowboy gear are flipping flapjacks and talking smack. Case in point:

Federal Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff says he knows he has lots of work to do to convince Canadians that he is ready to run the country. Decked out in cowboy gear in the heart of Tory country, Ignatieff told supporters at a Stampede breakfast he plans to tour every province and territory to convince voters that it’s time for a change in Ottawa. “We have to earn the confidence of Canadians — door by door, handshake by handshake, baby by baby,” he said. “Starting today we’re going to get on a bus and go to every province and territory between July and September, if it doesn’t kill me first. “We’re going to stop at every legion hall, every barbecue, every Tim Hortons and shake every hand in the house.” The Liberal leader said his party is the only one that owns the centre of Canada’s political spectrum, noting Canadians can “smell the whiff of sulfur coming off” of Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who he said, is on the extreme right.

Wow! Amongst all the pleasing aroma's I associate with Stampede, sulfur is not one of them. So what is Iffy getting at? Is he suggesting Stephen Harper has gastrointestinal difficulties? Too much Old Spice? Chronic halitosis?

The funny thing is we were driving to work up the Deerfoot this morning about the same time Iffy was giving this speech and the only thing I got a whiff of was desperation and pancakes.