Friday, November 25, 2011

The NDP Hear the Sirens...Pat Martin does the Math...

I came across this interesting piece about lobbyists in the Grope and Flail...

“The word lobbyist has taken on a bit of a pejorative character to it, so for that I may get the odd joke from my social democratic friends, but it’s all in good humour,” said Mr. MacLachlan, 30, who worked for successive Ottawa Centre NDP MPs Ed Broadbent and Paul Dewar.

“Advocacy is a very important part of democracy … and my friends understand that I’m contributing to that process,” he said.

It seems NDP heavyweights like Pat Martin are applauding this new lobbying reality...

NDP MP Pat Martin, the sharp-tongued MP who criticized Ottawa’s lobbying culture, said the interest from lobbying firms shows the NDP is now in “the big leagues.”

“They’re going to have to update their rolodex because there’s some new kids in town,” he said. “Lots of them.”

That didn't take long...

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Keystone XL takes a hard right...last seen headed for the coast...

From Breitbart:

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Sunday that he was looking at exporting more oil to China after the United States delayed a decision on a controversial pipeline.

President Barack Obama's administration last week put off a decision on Keystone XL project after a major protest campaign by environmentalists, who say the pipeline would be prone to accidents and worsen climate change.

The conservative Canadian leader, taking part in a summit in Hawaii hosted by Obama said the pipeline decision had produced "extremely negative reactions" and that he discussed oil exports with Chinese President Hu Jintao.


Friday, November 11, 2011

Charter Rights and Campus Credibility...Incongruent or What?

On this day 11/11/11 those of us who respect our heritage paused. Others presumably held meetings to consolodate their appelate strategy.

The University of Calgary has seen fit to fight a judicial battle based on the premise that St.Peeairs Charter of Rights and Freedoms does not apply on university other words university campus' are above the law.

From the Calgary Herald:

"The University of Calgary must have autonomy in disciplining students for non-academic conduct and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms should not apply, its lawyer argued before the Alberta Court of Appeal on Wednesday."

Also from the Herald an opinion piece from Licia Corbella that further elucidates.

A snippet:

“The department head hired her spouse, who wasn’t qualified to teach that course and then she’s on the disciplinary committee? I mean it’s hard to believe this can happen. Look at this waste of money,” he said, referring to the high-priced lawyers arguing on behalf of the U of C, the University of Alberta and the Associations of Universities and Colleges of Alberta.

Read it all.