Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The Broad Strata Fraud Gang

CBC News is reporting on a massive mortgage fraud involving hundreds of properties and tens of millions of dollars. While mortgage fraud is nothing new the fact that proceeds of this criminal activity appears to be leaving Canada for some interesting destinations is.

During its investigation, bank investigators seized records that showed millions of dollars from the alleged scheme have been transferred to such countries as Lebanon, India, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Pakistan.

It makes one wonder what the pilfered funds were ultimately used for by this broad strata of Canadian fraudsters.


Monday, May 03, 2010

A Compromise Candidate for GG

It seems that Michael Ignatieff has focused his considerable thinking skills on the office of Governor General. (has it been raining in Ottawa?) Iffy concludes that the status quo is the best approach and advocates for the extension of current GG Michaelle Jean's term. In doing so he appears to be attempting to paint PMSH into a politically correct corner.

Iffy's comments, offered up in a "just saying" fashion are clearly constructed to focus attention on Ms. Jean's politically correct demographic credentials.

In explaining his stance, Ignatieff said Canadians were "deeply moved" by Jean's swift response to the massive earthquake in her homeland of Haiti, that killed more than 200,000 people.

He also said Jean "has been a powerful advocate of Aboriginal and Arctic people," and her own personal story has been an inspiration to young Canadians.

"As a francophone woman who overcame great obstacles to get where she is today, and as the first black Canadian appointed as Governor General, I can't imagine a better role model for young Canadians, particularly young girls," he said.

A black, francophone, immigrant, woman who is married to an avowed Quebec separatist is going to be hard to top and given Iffy's focus on demographics all but eliminates any old, white, male, conservative, senior statesmen, like say Preston Manning.

So be it!

With Preston out of the running I got to thinking who might be suitable for the office. In doing so I looked back to see if there were any common traits shared by our most recent GG's.
Adrienne Clarkson came to mind. Woman, immigrant, ex-CBC personality, visible minority, annoying husband (does anybody miss John Ralston Saul?)

When compared with Michaelle Jean a trend begins to emerge. Woman, immigrant, ex-CBC personality, visible minority, annoying husband (has anybody outside of Quebec seen Jean-Daniel Lafonde's films?)

With this critera in mind I believe I've found the perfect compromise candidate for GG.

Sitara Hewitt

Now you may not recognize Sitara sans burka, which she dons for her role as Dr. Rayyan Hamoudi in the PC CBC series Little Mosque on the Prairie. Granted Ms. Hewitt was born in Elora, Ontario but she is the daughter of Welsh and Pakistani immigrants, speaks Hindi and Urdu, skydives, surfs, trained as a pro wrestler in the WWE and is married to Jessie Pavelka (has anybody seen any of his films?)

Sitara's religious beliefs are none of my business but she does play a Muslim on TV so that's worth something.

While Sitara does not exactly fit the mold, at 28 she is relatively young but she more than makes up for it in hawt! As far as being an inspiration for teenage girls, who knows but my teenage sons found her inspiring in her role as co-host of the game show You Bet Your Ass.

Please Prime Minister Harper, do the right thing and appoint Sitara Hewitt as our next Governor General.