Thursday, July 27, 2006

Silly Season Synopsis

This time of year is noted as the silly season. A time when no real business is done, a time where Canadians lavish in the luxuries of a hard earned summer. This year something is different on the bar-b-que circuit.

War rages in the middle east, gas prices soar and yet we move on. So what is so different?

The tone.

For the first time in a generation we have a leader who takes his job seriously.

The results:

A definitive position on the ME rather than the mealy mouthed mulch we are used to.
An unprecedented evacuation of Canadian passport holders from a war zone.
An evacuation flight rather than a photo op.
Amends for a long past racist head tax.
Reparation for Hep-C victims of the blood system.
Squaring up with a WWII vet on pension issues.

The silly season is only half over and it seems this government has kept their nose to the grindstone.

When was the last time that Cretin/Martin did anything other than kiss ass in the silly season?

The LPC should be very afraid. BTW grab another dog boys......yer gonna need it.


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