Friday, January 05, 2007

Stephan Steps Up

Now this may get confusing. I bear the responsibility. I have a hell of a time differentiating between Steven and Stephan. I know...I's my own fault for dissing the Nuns and dropping out of French classes the first chance I got. So for the sake of clarity I'll call Steven Harper... Steve...(well me and his good friend Chimpy Mc Hitler) and I'll call the other Steph (not to be confused with Staph......because that's a really bad infection and I'm hoping Steph will not spread like Staph).

Anyways....Steph is really on the bit, it seems Steve has been cooking up some plan to send the womyn back to the shed. I know this because he told me so ( Steph not Steve).

I told you this was gonna get confusing.

Despite adding another women to the cabinet...Steph is outraged.....It seems Steve (not to be confused with Steph) has not done enough to protect womyns rights. It would seem that $5 mil. is the make or break point between emancipation/equality and barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen..... Who would have thought?

Soooo...I gotta go.....BRENDA GET ME ANOTHER BEER.....did i say that with my internut voice?


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