Sunday, February 15, 2009

My New BFF

Hi all. The forces and demands of life have dictated that I had no time for frivolous blogging bullshit. That said...I have time now.

I would like to take this time to introduce my BFF, whom I only met in cyberspace this very night.The instant I read The Highwayman I was enthralled.

With righteous quotes like this:

Are these assholes batshit crazy, or what? And, yet, we have every conservative and religious element in North America just panting after these scum! Wake the fuck up, people! You're just trash to these elitists!

They invade our country, and then try and tell us how we should think and talk and act...

I don't fucking think so!

And intellectual discourse like this:

i'd be inclined to agree, the way the world's going! However, I know that this is only a temporary state, while the Lord completes His intercessory duties in the heavenly sanctuary... a rite typified by the ancient high priest of Old Testament times.

Anyway, how in the bloody hell could one ever contemplate enjoying like in THIS world? When you have brain-dead servants of Satan running things? Pseudo-Christian people that think that violence is the only way to solve things are running society into the ground, and they seem to forget (conveniently) that the religion of the man they PRETEND to serve does not condone violence!

Just a small example of what racist bigotry and gross hate-mongering exists in the world, can be found here. These sites are becoming more and more proliferate as time goes on, under the leadership of warmongering presidents and prime ministers. The reason being that most people are too fucking lazy to examine the issues with any kind of diligence, and prefer to let the elitists tell them what is right and wrong. A nation of back-slidden slaves and self-serving twits are the progeny of hard-working, tough imigrants that formed and shaped this land.

Sure... go ahead and live your life to it's fullest... and trample over everyone and anyone that gets in the way of your grasping, self-satisfying quest for satiation. Mow down minorities and anyone else that dares to think differently than yourself, because YOURS is the only TRUE way!

Start up a blog, and preach your hate-mongering to the lower class of society that ever seeks to find some excuse to practice their belligerent ways, and to do what comes naturally for them and the lower species.

Rest assured, though, that I and my ilk will ALWAYS be there to greet you.

Now I know I've been off the satire circuit for a bit but with pro's like this out there......My future don't look so good.



The Highwayman said...

Well, Syncro, your whining seems to have paid off... you managed to get me vilified at SDA, but, I assure you, your victory is a loss - not for you, an insignificant little troll, but for those that could have benefited from an alternative view; something desperately needed there.

I've been kicked off of many blogs, and usually because of some little potty-mouthed twit like yourself whining and simpering about my writing. Kate, to me, is just as superficial. Apparently, with her, truth is secondary to being a big-time blogger, collecting awards and large followings of admirers. So it is with her friend John Gormley, another partisan idiot - a bigot with a microphone.

My hope is not for the likes of yourself and our 'gracious' host, whom have no interest in real journalism or truth, but for many who witnessed our interaction, and possibly benefited from the information I provided.

I'd say take care, but, well... that'd be the same as wishing someone addicted to Russian Roulette a safe and happy life... wouldn't it?

syncrodox said...

Backstreet Boi

It's good to see you've mastered the cut and paste function. Well done.

As far as getting kicked off of "many" blogs.....well you have me there kid. I've only been kicked off of two blogs....Garth Turner and Kinsella.

Nuff said yet?


The Highwayman said...

Well, son, I imagine getting kicked off of any blog is a badge of honor for you and your ilk. Racist knuckle-draggers like you take pride in being obnoxious... and propelling empty beer cans across the room to bounce off of your kid's heads, all the while executing yet another prodigious beer fart, while drool creeps down the front of your dirty T-shirt with "I'm with stupid" with a finger pointing upward on it.

Whatever blogs those were, probably indulged only the lowest forms of microbial species, so you'd probably fit in well. I can imagine the disappointment you'd feel being rejected by them.

I was wondering if you even read that JDL expose, or if you even had time between urinating and belching sessions, last night. Does your limited intellect even acknowledge that was the official Zionist attack-dog site, and nothing of my own contrivance? Or was your mind too fogged with malt liquor or the obvious genetic malformations to comprehend anything but what might possibly lay beyond the horizon of your ever-expanding beer paunch?

Granted, there were no pictures, there, to guide your eminence, but I thought that even an idiot like yourself might be able to grasp what a kindergarten waif could do with one hand tied behind his back!

I guess it's just asking too much of any bigot to reach beyond anything farther than the nearest beer can, or even formulate a thought that doesn't involve a leather-clad dominatrix and a set of handcuffs.

Later, Shithead... keep those cards and letters coming in. I don't censor folk like some we know.

syncrodox said...


The check's in the mail.


The Highwayman said...

Don't you ever post anything new and interesting, shithead? Or, do you just like posting inane comments over at Small Dead Minds, all the time?

And so what if I post first comments on my own blog? What do you care?

syncrodox said...


I post on this blog as the mood strikes me and real life allows. I will have you know that I post inane comments as I see fit and wherever I choose.

It's cool if you want to post the first comment on your own blog but it does come across as....well...a little creepy, bordering on the schizophrenic.

But there I go being inane again.



p.s.Wanna hear a good joke?

Q.Where's Moose Jaw?

A. About as far away as you can get from the Moose's ass.

On second thought this may not apply in your case.

The Highwayman said...

It isn't hard to track an IP, Bozo. I do it all the time. I also travel a lot, which is why I don't comment frequently, hence the 'highwayman' handle.

Yes, my blogs have seen better days, but when you're dealing in something (like the truth) that nobody wants, you take what comes... if anything.

Anyway, it's days are numbered, which should make you happy. My time for blogging is about up.

Even life in the Moose's ass becomes hectic, at times.

syncrodox said...


Good luck with the hectic stuff. As a highwayman I'm sure you know the most important point is where the rubber meets the road.


The Highwayman said...

I know where the rubber goes, Bozo, and your dad should have been wearing one.

I see it's nearly 8PM... you drunk yet?

syncrodox said...


Dad did but I slipped through...Thanks though.


The Highwayman said...

Well, it's his shame, I suppose.

Anyway, I've decided that the hectic stuff shouldn't supersede what's really important in life... and should come second to re-educating the ignorant masses, and deprogramming them from all of the false information that comes from places like this.

So, we'll be seeing y'all around, Psychodox. Keep them Marxist lefties from overrunning us all, now, hear me?

And, try to cut back on the booze, it'll stunt your growth.