Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Justin Trudeau Weighs in on Political Principles

With the Olympics now a memory Canada returns to our other national sport, politics. With the battle now rejoined it appears that the Liberal Party of Canada is pulling out the big guns to fire the opening salvos. It began with Iffy's op-ed piece in the Grope and Flail....the one he wrote during the gold medal game and is now followed by this stellar bit from the crown prince of the LPC. Justin Trudeau.

Justin awkwardly opens here:

Even though it makes my job as a member of the Official Opposition a little easier, I am genuinely disappointed that this Conservative government didn’t hold true to the principles that brought it to power.

And I’m not even talking about their abject failure to be fiscally responsible or their enthusiasm for patronage and pork. I’m referring to the basic premise of the old Reform Party, the call for a government that is open, accountable, and respectful of democratic values and the rights of its citizens.

Who would have thought that the brilliance that sprang from the loins of the great Pierre Elliot Trudeau would one day bemoan the passing of Preston Manning's Reform Party. Of course it gets better. Justin further elucidates:

Instead, over the past four years, Stephen Harper has carefully nurtured and encouraged a level of cynicism about politics and politicians heretofore unseen in Canada. Instead of championing the conservative principle of less government, he made people believe less in government.

Ummm....Justin....simple folk like myself don't believe in government intervention, so it follows that less is best. PM Harper did not create this belief in me, your dad did. Meanwhile JT further hacks his way through this piece:

He started by selling us policies that were simple and catchy, but had little real impact (think GST cuts instead of income-tax cuts, or $100 child-care cheques instead of actual child-care spaces). Add to that his propensity to launch vicious personal attacks on anyone – politician or citizen – with the temerity to disagree with them, and his tried and true Bush-era tactic of loudly repeating semi-truths and falsehoods often enough for them to take hold, and it’s no wonder that a weary populace has been turning away from the goings-on in Ottawa.

He becomes a scary them, followed by the obligatory Bush/Harper bash and closes with a wondering, wailing, warble about the tragedy of it all. Justin does manage to finish with a flourish though:

The fact that Stephen Harper didn't anticipate the strength of the prorogation outrage is proof that he overestimated the effectiveness of his campaign of induced cynicism. And, yet again, underestimated Canadians' faith in our democracy. Because for all the undeniable short-term partisan advantages of wedge issues, attack ads, and the politics of division, Canadians resist because we know that we deserve better.

We are a people of differences, in languages, religions, backgrounds, histories, cultures, and colours, but we are a people bound together by values that run deeper. We are open, compassionate, and generous. We seek justice, liberty, and opportunities for all. But above everything, we respect each other, and demand that respect in return.

And that’s why Stephen Harper’s strategies of secrecy, small-mindedness, and cynicism will ultimately fail, because simply put: Canadians will never trust a government that does not trust Canadians.

Listen up kid. My political cynicism began with your father. When you speak of wedge politics you seem to forget that dear dead dad perfected the game. When you speak of respect you fail to recognize that real respect is earned not demanded and when you speak of trust you obviously overlook the brown envelopes crammed with our money that found their way into LPC coffers.

Finally a couple of quotes from a well known, even revered, Canadian politician of yore:

“If I found in my own ranks that a certain number of guys wanted to cut my throat, I'd make sure that I cut their throats first.”


“Power only tires those who don't exercise it.”

Three guesses who's quoted.



Hinchey's Store said...

Trudeau Sr.?

Which one? Which one? The suspense is killing me dude!

Hinchey's Store said...

Good post by the way.
Politicians should really look at the poop in their hand before they fling it at each other - they need to be careful what they're saying, because all of those 'wonderful' comments look fairly hypocritical - are we to believe that Justin is actually disappointed in the Conservatives? I highly doubt it. He never had any hope for them to begin with. He doesn't have much hope of anything, being a Liberal...

Lynn said...

"and his tried and true Bush-era tactic of loudly repeating semi-truths and falsehoods often enough for them to take hold,"

I love it when the Liberals bitch about someone using their tactics!

It's not a "Bush-era" tactic,Justin, it's a tactic invented by socialists like your dear departed Daddy way back before Bush was even born. Ever heard of a guy called Joseph Goebbels,Justin? He was a fellow socialist who coined that famous phrase,"a lie if repeated often enough,becomes the truth".

You probably wouldn't know the name, but your Dad used to wear the Army helmet of his Country during the unpleasantness in Europe in the 40's.

Justin still has a ways to go before he becomes the new Liberal Saviour.


Anonymous said...

Remember this guy (who is the spawn of a former? drug addict and an ego maniac) teaches kids. God help us all.

Brian Busby said...

Lynn (or is it DMiller?), Goebbels? A socialist? Really? But then, the despicable Reich Minister never did say "a lie if repeated often enough, becomes the truth" either, did he?

The irony.

Kit said...

He's a Trudeau! He has no business lecturing honest folk on dictatorships... unless he wants to echo he brother's praise of Castro or his father's deeds as head of the Liberal Party... now there's and honest group of people dedicated to preserving democracy and safeguarding the tax payer's hard earned dollar...

Anonymous said...

Justin doesn't get it,I'm not ashamed at my parents separation in the late 60's because they grew apart after 24 years of raising 7 children just after they also served in WW2.
But his dad couldn't keep his willie in his pants and chose to mock my parents during WW2 as he wore a Nazi helmet in Quebec because Hitler was not a French problem. People bash harper as a Christian but Trudeau himself was a Catholic along with Chretien and Paul Martin,so where's the mocking of them?,unless Catholic's aren't Christians. Also , lots of people died while Skiing but it wasn't a crisis until a Trudeau died in this Quasi-Wealthy recreational activity fresh off his 1st Class Jet flight to the west coast.
I have no time for Pierre's coddled brats that the CBC embraces as Nabobs to be exalted even with their Mock-Morals and disdain for the poor as if they are useless morons yearning to be
'Wards OF The State' getting Welfare-4-life.
Justins mom made a poor choice for a Father to her kids,but society made Pierre the new image of the perfect dad and now we have huge number for single moms in Government housing or on drugs as victims of the injustice in canada.
Trudeau's Charter gave us a SCOC with 9 Wealthy/White/Elites that enforce our new 'Rights' to be ignorant and lazy while other people's taxes must fund their beer and popcorn.

Blame Crash said...

Which part of "National Socialism" isn't socialism Busby!

But you did get the part about "a lie if repeated often enough, becomes the truth" correct.


gimbol said...

Just what in all of that flourish of grand high sounding rhetoric did the young prince ever explain what he would do differently?
With Trudeau I learned to be cynical of our politicians.
With Clark I got educated on the mistake of making a choice for fashioanble or transient reasons.
With Chretien I learned not to trust politicians.
And with Martin I came to realize that some people can do one or two things well, but those that promise a great many things with high sounding rhetorical flourishes will accomplish nothing but dithering chaos.
Young Justin embodies all four of these traits and is trading on his fathers name recognition to punch his ticket in life.
The man is about as qualified a Obama.
This is not a personal dislike, but a warning that he has no idea what he would do as PM, only that he feels entitled to the job.
Justin should do us a favour and go back to teaching acting.

Brian Busby said...

Blame Crash, the Nazis also had "Workers" and "Party" in their name, but that doesn't mean there were balloons and streamers in the factories of Essen.

Martin said...

I find it richly ironic that Trudeau Jr. would try to disparage Bush Jr. when both entered politics for the sole reason there fathers were politicians. At least G.W.Bush had more credentials when he became governor, then high school teaching and ski instructing.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Fidel will be so proud of the line of crap that his little Justin spewed in that speech.

Rob C

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight...The Liberal Party of Canada tears itself in two, due to in-fighting and backstabbing. Liberal party insiders steal hundreds of millions of dollars of tax-payers money in order to buy nationalist votes in Quebec. No real investigative ensues. The public turns on the LPC and demands renewal. Enter Dion. Exit Dion. Enter Ignatieff.. Liberals don't get it at all.. The Liberal party is a ghost. People are tired of their lies (Mulroney inquiry, h1n1, wafer-gate, Olympic logo-gate, body-bag-gate, the list goes on ), The beloved liberal party is a disgustingly opportunistic train wreck. The LPC has done more to divide Canada (native against non-native, french against the rest of Canada, immigrant against natural born Canadian) that any force operating in Canada today. Their self righteous platitudes disgust Canadians. If the Liberals want to end this conservative "reign of terror" they have the power. Call an election and get trounced...go ahead..do it...We dare you!

chutzpahticular said...

Justin Trudeau had better figure out, fast, that North Americans no longer respect nor want leaders chosen via elitist dynasties. Those days are gone.

What a TWIT that kid is.

Scooter Van Neuter said...

Who the hell are these people?

syncrodox said...


My Peeps. Actually they are concerned Canadians who stop in whenever I get my shit together enough to say something cogent.

I encourage those who stop by here to check Scooter's site out.

Way more prolific and way funnier.


Scooter Van Neuter said...

No, not the commenters, I'm talking about the people in the article.

chutzpahticular said...

Scooter, you must have spent a lot of time Photoshopping Godless Pelosi...I've never seen her looking quite that polished and together before.

Scooter Van Neuter said...

Oh good God, what are you writing something every other month?

Write something already, I need something to read!