Saturday, July 10, 2010

I Smell Therefore I am.

It's Stampede time here in Calgary so the morning air is replent with the scent of frying bacon, blueberry pancakes and maple syrup. Of course this also means that politicians in cowboy gear are flipping flapjacks and talking smack. Case in point:

Federal Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff says he knows he has lots of work to do to convince Canadians that he is ready to run the country. Decked out in cowboy gear in the heart of Tory country, Ignatieff told supporters at a Stampede breakfast he plans to tour every province and territory to convince voters that it’s time for a change in Ottawa. “We have to earn the confidence of Canadians — door by door, handshake by handshake, baby by baby,” he said. “Starting today we’re going to get on a bus and go to every province and territory between July and September, if it doesn’t kill me first. “We’re going to stop at every legion hall, every barbecue, every Tim Hortons and shake every hand in the house.” The Liberal leader said his party is the only one that owns the centre of Canada’s political spectrum, noting Canadians can “smell the whiff of sulfur coming off” of Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who he said, is on the extreme right.

Wow! Amongst all the pleasing aroma's I associate with Stampede, sulfur is not one of them. So what is Iffy getting at? Is he suggesting Stephen Harper has gastrointestinal difficulties? Too much Old Spice? Chronic halitosis?

The funny thing is we were driving to work up the Deerfoot this morning about the same time Iffy was giving this speech and the only thing I got a whiff of was desperation and pancakes.



Joanne BLY said...

Yes the sulphur reference is a curious one. We've been debating it at my place.

Anonymous said...

I remember when H. Chavez made his speech at the UN and how he could smell the sulfur from G. Bush who had just spoken there, it seems to me that Iggy may be catching up on his southern heros...
Hugo used a similar reference at the Copenhagen love-fest last winter.

marc in calgary

Anonymous said...

Sulphur is a huge by-product of oil sands upgrading.
Perhaps the reference is a subtle reminder of his general disdain of 'dirty oil'.

Fred from BC said...

The obvious answer is usually the correct one, so in this case he is parroting Hugo Chavez and implying that Stephen Harper is actually The Devil. Pretty pathetic.

wilson said...

''..go to every province and territory between July and September, if it doesn’t kill me first.''

Judging by the number of days Iffy couldn't manage to swing his butt into the House for QP or to vote,
I imagine a weeks work is 2 days meeting the 'little people' then 5 days sipping latte's in the back of the bus.

Anonymous said...

Egghead Ziffy flaunts his Milton to "The Canadians".

Wow. Some Egghead. Read Ziffy's face for "An Analysis of Hell".


"John Milton: Paradise Lost An Analysis of Hell
by S Asch - 2003 - Related articles
John Milton published his poem "Paradise Lost" in 1667, the century of the ..... The existence of fire and sulphur in hell ("ever-burning sulphur"; Milton, ..."

Bec said...

From the moment I heard it, there was no question in my mind that he was referencing "The Devil".

AS has been pointed out, Chavez has said it and there is much debate as to why but it was also used in reference to Bush entering the White House/2000 by some in passing, I recall.

It is heard in the USA, often and as this man is a displaced American, fits for me.

It was slimy and unforgivable but consider the source.

wilson said...

Iffy comes to the Calgary Stampede to tell Albertans our homeboy stinks of sulfur and we are all Harper's sheep!

Iffy runs down my country when he is abroad,
and runs down Albertans when he visits.

Beware Dippers, a coalition with this dude will lose you votes in the West.

chutzpahticular said...

For a purported "intellectual," Ignatieff is sure a bonehead.

Frances said...

And just HOW is he going to DRIVE to every territory?

Frances said...

And just HOW is he going to DRIVE to every territory?

ebt said...

Actually, Desperate Pancakes would be a good name for a band.