Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dalton McGuinty...Our Very Own Earl Hickey

This from the Torstar:

Whatever storms Dalton McGuinty had to weather inside the Legislature on Tuesday, there was another one waiting when he left work: high winds caused part of a construction wall at Queen’s Park to collapse on top of the premier’s car.

The storm that damaged McGuinty’s hybrid lashed the city Tuesday night with wind gusts of at least 50 kilometres an hour.

Karma can sure be a busy bitch.

The cause of the recent fire which ravaged a warehouse being used by Neil Young has been identified as one of the singer/songwriter's classic cars, authorities have announced.

The offending vehicle, a 1959 Lincoln Continental, had been converted into a hybrid by Young in an effort to promote fuel efficiency.

In a statement (via BBC News), Young has admitted the fire was down to human error. He said, "The wall charging system was not completely tested and had never been left unattended. A mistake was made -- it was not the fault of the car."



FredR said...

And here I thought that wind power had no use whatsoever!

I stand corrected.

syncrodox said...


Scooter Van Neuter said...

Holy cow, you actually posted something - it's about time :)

I LOVE this story. While I'm a longtime serious Neil Young fan, nothing warms my heart like some tree-hugger's electric car catching fire and polluting the atmosphere with the pollutants equivalent to approximately 2 million buses. Sweet!

syncrodox said...

Thanks Scooter. winter is upon us so I might have more time for blogging if this cold snap persists.

I also like a lot of Neil's music but his politics not so much, although I was glad to hear he doesn't blame the car.

The other fella mentioned in this post is the leftard Premier of our most populous province, Ontario. As such he has funneled huge amounts of taxpayer dollars into suspect wind and solar farms thereby driving electricity rates steadily upwards. So you can see where a windstorm damaging his Prius is kinda funny...unless one lives in Ontario.

Btw, I've been checking out your new BHN site and will be adding it to my blogroll when you are done beta testing.