Friday, March 25, 2011

On the Matter of Contempt

It seems the current Canadian government has been found in contempt, not just ordinary contempt but unprecedented contempt.

Many have also noted an unprecedented vitriolic atmosphere in the political air.

Few, if any, mention the unprecedented fact that we are are in our 7th consecutive year of minority government.

My sense of contempt is reserved for those who lack perspective.


"Expert" Tom said...

I think the coalition fails to realize that to the average Canadian, the contempt charge looks just as bad for them (considering it's for something so minor) as it does for the CPC.

cantuc said...

I have contempt for whoever instigated this farce and whatevers left over for anybody stupid enough to believe it actually counts for anything .

Anonymous said...

This may indeed be historic, but I think historians will see it exactly for what it is! A farce of epic proportions and the instigators (Pat Martin, David McGuinty and most of all Count Ignorance himself) will be left looking immensely stupid for all time!

Anonymous said...

So where was the outrage when a NDP M.P. was charged and Convicted for the theft of a $60'000.00 item.
And, to make it worse this M.P. lied for 2 days until they were forced to admit it to the RCMP .

How typical, the Liberals and Feninists say mute on Justin Trudeau's tacit endorsement of Honour-Killings by being outraged that these murders of females on canadian soil was deemed as Barbaric.
Then the NDP and Public Unions jump to boycott Israel while these same CUPE members vacation in Cuba
which rents GITMO to the USA where Khadr alleges being tortured, and the same Cuba that jailed Homosexuals with AIDS to hide them from candian Tourists.

syncrodox said...

Interesting how that works eh?

Anonymous said...

How about Jack Layton says that Harper won't work with them after giving in to how many of their demands for the last how many years? Give me a break. No one's buying their manure.

UsualSuspect said...

The spinmeisters say it is "historic" but MP's have lowered the bar so low for contempt, it will be surely be as common as minority governments in the future.

Anonymous said...

The contempt I have, is our Canadian Govt. being taken down by the Block Party....the party that wants to separate from Canada.If it was just the Liberals and NDP,they wouldn't of had the numbers. How rich is that. My contempt is for the coalition and PM Harper better get a majority or Canada is doomed.The CBC/CTV are sickening.