Saturday, April 02, 2011

Robert Fife...Projecting His Inner Eeyore?

CTV's Robert Fife has been dutifully trudging back and forth across The Hundred Acre Wood in search of election stories, sadly, all is not well.

During the Friday edition of Power Play Mr. Fife described PMSH as "grumpy" with a "dark cloud" hanging over the campaign. Host Don Martin then asked, "What's the Eeyore complex all about"? During Roberts response he made mention of Mrs. Harper seeming to be happier serving beer to the reporters on the campaign plane.

This inspired me to search YouTube for behind the scenes campaign footage. I found the following examples, courtesy of one R. Fife.

Whatsamatter Bobby...teatotler? And then there's this:

In conclusion, I offer this quote from the original Eeyore:

"People who don't think probably don't have brains;
rather, they have grey fluff that's blown into "their heads by mistake."


Anonymous said...

Surprised the left is not claiming the Tories are promoting drinking

Anonymous said...

Laureen is such a gem!

And this is not exactly on the topic, but,and that is a but, IF Laureen had been looking forward to attending the wedding of William and Kate, I really would love to see her be able to go. Still.

Foxtrot Bravo said...

It sounded like Fife was the only one that didn't take a beer? What was the problem, are domestics too common-folk for him, does he only approve of imports (like Ignatieff)? Damn straight that's the pickle up his butt!

Anonymous said...

Barney Fife says: Why not, it's the only news of the day, handing out Lobster.

I think the announcments conserning job projects in the budget are big important announcements. Barney Fife forgets that the average Canadian don't really know what was in the budget, because the coalition of mutineers brought down the government.
All announcments by all parties are inportant, Barney Fife and Tom "fake accent" Meleski should do their job or give it to someone who will.


Anonymous said...

sorry, that should read Terry "fake accent" Meleski.


Jeff said...

This is exactly the behind-the-scenes stuff I was looking for. Silly me, I thought video like this would have to be done secretly. But this comes from Bob himself.

Anonymous said...

I think old Fife has a thing for Laureen. I remember one interview where Barney and Floyd were interviewing the PM and Fife got all giggley and red in the cheeks when they started talking about her.

He came across as the school nerd who had a crush on the Quarterback's girlfriend.

Funny and sad at the same time.

Fay said...

Bob Fife sounds like the old guy at Keleki's in Winnipeg that wouldn't eat Liberal food.
Bob Fife is the old guy who won't eat or drink Conservative food.
Who talks like that?
Grow up Robert Fife!

Jen said...

Ignatieff is an american posing as a canadian liberal. Fife has no problems with that.
PMSH is a solid canadian and Fife has a problem with that.

LPOC stole from the nation and FIFE thinks it is not a problem.
PM. Stephen Harper never stole from the nation and still FIFE has a problem with that.
Bob Rae told Robert Fife to 'shut up' and lo and behold Fife shuts up.

Fife has a problem with FIFE for being reduced to where no one listens to him anymore which he brought on himself alone.

PMSH loves this nation to not waste his time on you, Fife, but you do not have the love nor the respect for this nation in any part of your being except for the liberals alone.

Joe said...

Channeling his inner Eyore or just being a stuffed ass. You decide.

wilson said...

Fife was the reporter at an international event, who asked PMSH

'did you miss the photo op because you were in the can'

yup, PMSH had one on one meetings with world leaders, Obmama even, and Barney Fife,
CTVs bureau chief, god amongst reporters,
asked PMSH about being in the toilet.

And it is because of reporters like Fife that PMSH limits the hateful medai to 4 questions.

Miles Lunn said...

Robert Fife hardly strikes me as a Liberal supporter. If anything he is probably like Mike Duffy a Conservative supporter however as a reporter he has to avoid seeiming overly bias. It should also be noted that the Tories got over 50% amongst white males over 50 last election, i.e. the group he falls amongst. That doesn't mean he is a Tory, but his demographic is pretty heavily Tory.

Anonymous said...

You just have to follow Fife's twitter feed to see how he thinks. Do it and then decide for yourself. You will not be surprised let's put it that way.

syncrodox said...

I actually just opened a Twitter account and added Fife and a few others.

Should be enlightening.

Scooter Van Neuter said...

Hey, time to post something new!