Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The 2006 Liberal Leadership Award for Excellence in Hysterical Hyperbole

It seems the Lib friendly MSM refuses to take any of the LPC leadership contenders to task for their ridiculous remarks, or for that matter to even report these remarks.

In light of this gap in media coverage I am proposing nominations to recognize the LPC leadership candidate's efforts in sublime stupidity.Therefore I have instituted The 2006 Liberal Leadership Award for Excellence in Hysterical Hyperbole.

Carolyn Bennett is the first nominee for her brilliant assertation that a lack of universal daycare will ultimately equate to a burgeoning prison population in the future. Well done Carolyn.

Of course Bob Rae now qualifies with his unique and highly creative analogy equating Neville Chamberlain's Munich Pact agreement with Hitler to the recent resolution of the softwood lumber dispute. Kudos Bob on being the first candidate to make a Nazi reference regarding PM Harper!!! I'm sure the other candidates are envious!!

As the LPC leadership race heats up I look forward to numerous other contenders emerging to stake their claim to this coveted honour.

I'm sure you all have your favorites as do I. Go Heddy!!!!!

Please feel free to nominate any deserving comments from the field of eleven as they will undoubtedly be providing many worthy quotes!!



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