Friday, June 16, 2006

More Inconvienent Truth.

Another day and another example of blatant hypocrisy by the LPC and the MSM. The most recent example is rooted in that darling of the Left, the Kyoto Accord. Having failed miserably for 12 years to enact any meaningful plan to meet the greenhouse gas emissions reductions they signed up for, the LPC now looks south for inspiration to an even bigger failure......Al Gore.

Mr. Gore was in Canada to pimp his appropriately named junk science "documentary", An Inconvienent Truth. Of course Gore carefully selected a receptive group to tout his Kyoto message. Not suprisingly, Jane Taber has exclusive insight to the closed door meeting of selected lefties, many of whom are LPC MP's.

Gore preaches green gospel to Canadians

Liberals tell former U.S. vice-president that they're upset by Harper's stand on climate change


MONT-TREMBLANT, QUE. -- Al Gore heard yesterday from current and former Liberal MPs about the direction the Harper government is taking on the issue of climate change.

So the Libs are upset with Harper's position. I assume they believe that their record of platitudes followed by inaction is/was the preferable strategy. Given that, it makes sense that they would seek solace and inspiration from a failed American Democrat. As VP to Bill Clinton, Al Gore was part of an administration that opted out of Kyoto. But hey, that's an inconvienent truth. What is more important is that Al has hope:

"I hope that both the United States and Canada will become officially part of the solution," he told reporters after attending a cocktail reception with a select few of the 160 conference participants, many of whom are Liberals, including former and current MPs and ministers. Reporters were not allowed to hear his speech.

Reporters were not allowed into this lefty love-in. I guess that explains Jane Taber's exclusive in as much as referring to her as a reporter amounts to an oxymoron. I suggest Propogandist is a more appropriate description for Jane. Another inconvienent truth, but don't take my word for it, lets just take a look at Jane's brand of "reporting".

Liberal Leader Bill Graham said that Mr. Gore "was very good on his view that we need a progressive agenda in the world and . . . there is a threat by various conservative regimes."

Liberal leadership candidate St├ęphane Dion, a former environment minister, said he also talked to Mr. Gore about the environment.

"I spoke to him about the fact that we brought the world together in Montreal [at the UN Climate Change conference last December] and he told me some people are working to bring the world apart," Mr. Dion said.

"He did not mention the government and I didn't. I never, never will speak against my government when I am with international personalities," he said, noting that in opposition Stephen Harper appeared on American television to criticize the Liberal government for not going into Iraq.

I wonder which "conservative regimes" Bill Graham is referring to? But you have to admit Jane managed to set the context quite nicely for Stephan Dion to offer his charming bit of double speak. Which leads me to the next" inconvienent truth", Dion claims that he never mentioned the Canadian government nor did Gore. A quick examination of this article appearing on the LPC website would appear to indicate that either Dion is lying, Jane Taber is guilty of sloppy reporting or the LPC website is attributing false statements to Al Gore.

Mr. Gore urged Canadians to demand that the Conservative government take action to combat global warming.

"I hope you will ensure Canada restores its tradition and moral authority to help us save this," he said. “I hope what has happened in the US won't repeat itself here. I don't think it will. I don't think the Bush-Cheney-Harper administration will last."

Hmmmm..... I guess technically Dion is right, there is no Bush-Cheney-Harper administration except in the minds of the paranoid left. So if I add this all up correctly liberals are moral, conservatives are amoral, canadian Liberals are patriotic, canadian Conservatives Americans? But even worse is this "inconvienent truth" from the may issue of Discover magazine.

German researchers have identified a previously unknown emitter of methane, a potent greenhouse gas. The culprit: ordinary plants.

The first hints arrived last year when the European Space Agency's ENVISAT satellite detected huge clouds of methane above forested areas. Scientists could not understand where the gas came from, because they thought methane was produced only in oxygen-poor environments like swamps and rice paddies, where decomposition occurs. To investigate, geochemist Frank Keppler and his colleagues at the Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics placed a variety of plants in test chambers and filled the rooms with methane-free air. He was amazed to see chemical sensors in the room quickly begin detecting methane. "At the moment, it is a mystery," he says. "If you look at the textbooks, you will see that it was not envisioned that this could happen."

So it appears that the process of photosynthesis and its impact on greenhouse gas levels is not completely understood.

How Inconvienent.



crosseyedcyclops said...

"I don't think the Bush-Cheney-Harper administration will last."

Amazing. I thought this idiotic practice of grouping "regimes" together based on hysteria and shared hatred was exclusive to the lovable LPC... Maybe it was this sort of infantile nonsense that Gore planned on saying (in order to relate with his audience) that prompted the "media blackout". On the other hand, maybe this is true to character and I'm simply more ignorant of American politicians than I'd like to believe. The question is, do any of them actually believe it, do they simply know it resonates with the headline-humpers, or does spouting vitriolic soundbytes give one a brief high? Let's test the latter:

No matter what this administration does, it won't be as bad as the Martin/Ahmadinejad/Jong-Il administration.


Hmmm. Nope. Only makes me feel like an idiot.

Great blog you have here, btw... Love the humour.

syncrodox said...


Too funny!! Unfortunately they don't recognize the idiocy they spew.