Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Where For Art Thou Brother??

The Liberals have never been a party to let the facts stand in the way of a press release. Today is no different. This latest dispatch from the LPC braintrust is true to form in as much as it is completely devoid of facts.

OTTAWA Liberal Environment Critic John Godfrey today criticized NDP leader Jack Layton for his party's hypocritical climate change plan.

"Last fall Jack Layton decided he wanted an election and the result was a Conservative government that gutted the federal government's climate change programs. Now he has put forward a plan that would simply re-create only a few of those programs , this is the height of hypocrisy," said Mr. Godfrey.

Now I suppose being a member of the vast right wing conspiracy, I shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth. Afterall the gist of this piece of LPC garbage is an attack on their lefty little brothers in the NDP, but I just can't resist pointing out the hypocrisy squared.

"By conspiring with the Conservatives and Bloc Quebecois to force an early election, the NDP is responsible for the demise of the Liberal climate change plan, which was designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 270 megatonnes. Their recently announced 30-megatonne plan is too little, too late."

Bwwaaahaahahhahaa!!!!! The Libs signKyoto but fail to implement any measures to achieve emissions reduction other than hiring a smarmy prick to front "The One Tonne Challenge". In fact Canadian greenhouse gas emissions under 12 years of Lib rule rise at a rate exceeding the USA who chose not to sign on to Kyoto. Too little too late indeed!

By my math, were the NDP in a position to implement their greenhouse gas emissions program as effectively as the Libs they would be flogging 1/9th of the bullshit the Libs have sold us. Now that's the kind of improvement on the left that I can get behind!!

But hey, John Godfrey isn't quite done yet. His oratory becomes positively fervent!

"The NDP needs to atone for putting political expediency ahead of Canadians priorities. The election of Prime Minister Harper's government may have resulted in ten more seats for their party, but it also paved the way for the Conservatives abandonment of Canada's environment, Aboriginal people and families.

I said yeess!!! Preach it brother Godfrey!!!! Yea though I walk through the valley of conservatism, alone and abandoned, we have faith in Liberalism!!!

Well, you better have faith because pointing to tangible results from the LPC environment policy, aboriginal policy or universal childcare file (I assume this is what the coded reference to families is about) is going to present a problem. But that's not the kicker, this is:

"Canadians deserve an opposition that will truly fight for their priorities , not one that sacrifices principle for partisan profit."

Bwaahaaahaaaahaha!!! Brother Godfrey seems to have a short memory!! From Shawinigate to HRDC from Adscam to Joe Volpe's Kiddiegate and a myriad of scandals inbetween, the LPC has epitomized sacrificing principle for partisan profit. But as many of us know the truth has no place in the church of Liberalism.

I realize that for the most part these daily dispatches from the LPC are directed at the party faithfull. It speaks volumes about how the executive views the collective intelligence of their core supporters.

I suspect brother Godfrey and others will continue to tend the "flock".

Cheers Sheeple!!


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