Saturday, September 23, 2006

Lazarus of Bethany Confirmed as Card Carrying LPC Member

In light of the recent revelations by the Toronto Star regarding Joe Volpe's membership drive practices, I decided to dig a little deeper into this breaking story.

I have unconfirmed reports that Lazarus of Bethany has been designated a card carrying Liberal and appears to have signed his membership papers prior to the crutial cut off date of July 3rd 2006. This would make Lazarus eligible to participate in delegate selection meetings.

Sources also indicate that Volpe campaign spokesman Corey Hobbs and Steven MacKinnon, National Director of the LPC had this to say regarding Lazarus' membership:

Volpe campaign spokesman Corey Hobbs said "all memberships are in full compliance with the Canada Elections Act and with Liberal party guidelines.

"Similarly, Steven MacKinnon, the Liberal party's national director, said he saw "nothing particularly untoward" about the membership.

"On the surface, there's certainly nothing miraculous at all."

The above comments are eerily similar to others reported here regarding a previous misunderstanding regarding the Volpe campaign.

In a somewhat related story, it is expected that in a cost cutting measure Joe Volpe will assume responsibility for catering the upcoming LPC Leadership Convention. Sources indicate that sisters of the aforementioned Lazarus, Mary and Martha (also card carrying Liberals) will be bringing fishes and loaves. It is assumed that Mr. Volpe will do the rest.


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