Thursday, November 09, 2006

This Old Man

Hi All!

I havn't been posting for some time as you may have noticed. The truth be told, I've been depressed as hell with the overall state of affairs of our nation. By this I mean Canada and not one of the myriad of "nations" that exist in the mind of some intellectual who would be king.

I've watched sullenly as our political discourse has descended into hysterical hyperbole about bitches while the mousetached (spelling intentional) wonder proposes to negotiate with the Mullahs. Meanwhile Rae and Brison wave their asses in our collective faces ( an omen of things to come?).

In other charming news the leftard followers of the mousetache are flogging peace poppies during Remembrance Week, clearly riding on the backs of our veterans, ostensibly for the purpose of funding schools for girls in Afstan which clearly would not exist if the policies of the mousetache were enacted. Hypocritical dipshits!

And then I came across this from CTV. I had a laugh and slowly some perspective began to return. Ralph appears to have had the last word on doggie-gate as he often did on many things. I know it's a old tired joke, but somehow Ralph has always been able to knock the wind out of the pompous airbags that inhabit our political landscape. As I read the above article I couldn't get this childhood dittie out of my head. I guess it was the bone thing. Anyways a humble tribute to a remarkable man.

This Old Man

This old man ..he played one......he put the run on bums and scum...with a knick knack paddy whack...get yer ass back hall was Ralph's to roam.

This old man ...he played two...a couple coolies at the St. Loo...with a knick knack paddy whack....a couple,three or four....Ralphie always found the door.

This old man he played three....environment...hell hug a tree...with a knick knack paddy whack...Ralph was in the weeds...laying in wait for Don Getty.

This old man he played four...dinosaur farts from years before...with a knick knack paddy age was never this funny.

This old man he played five...get a job to stay alive..with a knick knack paddywhack... here's a couple tens.....get off yer ass and act like men.

This old man he played six....the MSM painted us as hicks...with a knick knack deficits and prosperity.....but then it's just geology.

This old man he played mad cows go to heaven?...with a knick knack paddywhack.... shoot shovel and shut up....or load it on the rendering truck.

This old man he played eight...Hey Peter who's your date?...with a knick knack paddywhack give that dog a bone......potatoe patch went running home.

This old man he played nine.....well of course he is Ralph Klein...with a knick knack paddy was quite a run....and fer sure it was god damn fun!

This old man he played ten... he's left the battle to other men....with a knick knack paddywhack...We shall miss the King.....His commonness meant everything!

Thanks Ralph.


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