Sunday, May 06, 2007

Garth TV Conservative Values and Liberal Realities.

I was surfing the blogs...left...right and moonbat to see what's up. Bored at the low saturday night traffic I checked out What I found was entertainment of the most unexpected kind.

I'll give you some tips...or key words as you kids call em... Millionare Condos....No subsidies...David Dodge....15 BIL and I can't get my mind around that...Sweden and a whole bunch of other countries..$300 Million to fight women.. From the pockets of the lawyers into the wallets of woymen....Quite frankly.... Quite frankly.....

Well you decide. But I must warn you if you are squemish with the sight of multiple retardation...this is not for you. Others...



Scooter Van Neuter said...

I don't see anything wrong with this.
You obviously just hate women.

Scooter peace out.

PS: Your mother was possibly a woman, do you hate her? I hope not.

syncrodox said...


I love the ladies but I have a very low tolerance for vacuous sniveling from any gender or variation thereof.

This clip is as much about the questionable integrity of Garth Turner as it is about the asinine Thelma and Louise type cliff jump at the end by Ms. Minna and her man hating sidekick.

This idiot has been an MP for years and is astounded by the size of the budget and later bemoans the fact that Womyns issues are not recieving enough money.

If it wasn't our money supporting this contrived naval gazing and the fact that people vote for this idiot it would all be laughable. As it stands it's just pathetic.



I checked and as it turns out my dear mother is a woman and of course the number one reader of this blog. Hi Mom Love ya....

Of course she's cut from different cloth than these gals. Too much backbone to indulge in righteous, simpering, victimology.

P.S.S. How's the tour going? Any Canadian dates on the horizon?

Scooter Van Neuter said...

Tour is still in planning stages but coming together nicely.
No Canadian dates, but we
will be right next door at Ammassalik, Greenland. Come on over and don't forget your admission fee.

Scooter peace out.

syncrodox said...


I would but I couldn't stand the sight of all the drowning polar bears on the canoe trip over there.

Good luck!


P.S. Are you sure Amaasslick is a real place? Just askin.

AB5SY said...

You've been tagged!

So forget about beating Scooter the nutter over the head with a seal bashing club long enough to take the meme challange, beside Tish at
is much better looking.

TISH stopped by long enough to tag me with one of those meme things and I just couldn’t resist because I'll get to tag eight of my readers whoooooo never leave a comment. Pay back is sweet.

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