Tuesday, July 01, 2008

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Hi All

I am currently else where.

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Anonymous said...

Went there...you diss Bush, then Celine Dion...?
Guess we aren't on the same page.
I'll leave the Bush innuendo alone, except to say do you remember John Kerry?
Celine Dion is a beautiful, amazing Canadian talent. I've heard her dissed too many time by the Elton John-Britney Spears fan club that are the 'social engineers' at CBC.
Of course she doesn't fit their idea of celebrity, out boosing and schmoosing, so she gets the snub.Are you falling for the same low standards?
She is loyal to her husband, and family and entertains with heart and soul.We know what the criteria is for CBC...anything gossipy, and preferrably gay.
Thanks synchro , for giving me a forum to stand up for one of our truly great Canadian talents.

Happy Canada Day...

and BTW Shania Twain, different style, but right up there with Celine.


syncrodox said...


Thanks for stopping by. I don't know how much you've read of The Peace Moonbeam Chronicles but it is a political satire site and as such I was keeping within the genre.

In addition I was writing for an American audience and thought Celine would be recognized.

The real focal point of my mockery is AGW and the ridiculous term "climate change".

George Bush and Celine Dion were merely used as devices to advance the story. As public figures I'm sure this isn't the first time something like this has happened.

That said, Happy belated Canada Day to you and yours and I hope you'll forgive my sins of artistic license.


Anonymous said...

Literary lessons taken...thanks.