Sunday, October 11, 2009

Is CTV Playing a Shell Game with the News?

I noticed something odd that got me thinking about shell games and political agendas.

I had some time today to indulge in a little political web surfing and discovered that there are different tracks and different narratives within the CTV website.

Let me explain.

I connected to the CTV website to watch the Oct. 11 edition of Question Period as follows:

CTV main page


Question Period

Watch Now (on the QP icon)

The above screenshot is the end product, pay special attention to the QP icon on the left and the accompanying text.

Watch Now

Watch the latest episode of Question Period

Now click the link and you get this.

Interesting in as much as this is footage from LAST JULY!

Now....for something different....try this route.

CTV Main page



Watch Now (on the QP Icon)

Did you notice the differences?

Pay attention to the script beside the QP icon.

Policy and Polls: Political fortunes shift on Parliament Hill

Which links to this

Please note that both video links are dated October 11, 2009.

So, back to the shell game and more importantly......Can you find the pea?



The_Iceman said...

Dude, you lost me somewhere in that rant, and I am too lazy to view all the videos. I don't know what this means, but this "Statcounter" feature that I subscribed to tells you where your hits come from. I am a Blogging Tory and I get a persistent number of clicks from CTV news. They are monitoring the bloggers. You might be on to something here, run with it. Get back to me when you have it constructed into complete sentences.

syncrodox said...


I will explain ...but just this once.

CTV News has used the internet to "shadow" or if you will "shade" current events.

How so?

Watch the video that you had no time for.

I stand by my initial assertion.


P.S. I cranked the vocab up a notch but I realize sentence structure is lacking...

P.P.S. Watch both links and then come here all knowing.


The_Iceman said...

I'm trying to tell you to continue your investigation. I think it is a good idea. I was just volunteering some of my stat count information to assist you.

I'm glad there are people looking into this. I just don't have a lot of free time to watch movies.

I like what you do.

syncrodox said...


If you had bothered to watch you would have realized that the links provided constitute "news".

This isn't a fucking movie. I deal in facts.


Joanne (True Blue) said...

Well, I just went partially through your maze and decided I had already invested ten minutes of my time I'll never get back but I do want to say this - I hate the new CTV website! It is terrible. The old one was much better.

Thanks for allowing me to rant.

cantuc said...

They also seem to be playing the old bait and swich with their videos . I've clicked on some on power play where it's supposed to be a conservative MP talking and for some strange reason , here I am watching John McCallums eyeballs trying to slde down his cheeks while he's repeating his mantra about how the liberals ovetaxed us by 14 million bucks and how this was a good thing .
Another time the video will not play at all if it seems to anti- liberal , or maybe just too truthful .And I agree ther new page design sucks . It's ike a poor copy of cbc.

Robert McClelland said...

I deal in facts.

No you don't. You deal in kooky konspiracies. Any rational person discovering that two differing routes leading to two differing videos that should be the same would arrive at the sane conclusion that the CTV website is so large and complex that these types of errors are guaranteed to crop up from time to time; especially after they just did a major overhaul to the site. But to you though, this is evidence of a kooky konspiracy that proves CTV is out to get the Conservatives.

rightful said...

well ...... CTV news IS against the Conservatives .... perhaps a note to Hurst is in order - does he believe a western conservative is equal to an eastern liberal ?

syncrodox said...


I realize this is a convoluted thread, but that's the point.

By directing viewers to a July segment of QP in which MI is painted in a favorable light they appear to be doing damage control for the LPC.

The truth is as well hidden as a pea in a carny's shell game.

Both of the links are dated Oct. 11 and the Liberal friendly one is the one that the average citizen would most likely take.

As Allan Fotheringham used to say...fuzzifying the mudification.

The whole reason I make the limited effort I do at blogging is because I got sick of being lied to by the MSM.

The above represents the cyber equivalent of the old shell game and I'm not playing anymore.


syncrodox said...




syncrodox said...


What's with you and spelling everything with K's?


kursk said...

..because in his pedantic and juvenile way, he is equating the OP and those who follow him, and conservatives as bigoted and racist.

You know, like the KKK..? Like KKKate?

Find any Jews hiding under your bed lately Robert?

syncrodox said...

Back to you Bob.


Robert McClelland said...

Kursk once again demonstrates that the most rational explanation is the one that right whingers are least likely to choose.

syncrodox said...

The Keystone Cops defence?

On second thought....that does seem appropriate.


Blame Crash said...

Just another example of the Toronto media promoting the Gliberal Party of Toronto.

It goes without saying that the Gliberals have an unspoken deal with their media friends and neighbors that they’ll be well looked after if they are successful in shanghaiing real Canadians. Shame on them and on those who support them.

liberal supporter said...

Silly buffoon.

I was wondering, do you get neo's feed? Because watching the comments he deletes while he lies about what they said is the funniest thing about his blog.


syncrodox said...


Have you been hiding the Librium again?


chutzpahticular said...

When Tom Clark took over from Mike Duffy, he started out well; I assumed that he was a straight up journalist. Lately, he's been on the attack against Conservatives, from one issue to the next. I wonder if he is a friend of Colvin.

syncrodox said...


Glad to see you found your way here.

I was wary of Tom from the get go but gave him the opportunity of the doubt.

It will be interesting to see what he does with Katsmeat's document stunt on PP last Friday.


chutzpahticular said...

Thanks! I've missed Power Play for the last week or so. What happened?

syncrodox said...

Katsmeat was waving around documents that he claims indicate a conspiracy on the Afstan detainee issue.

He yapped something about scooping Tom and CTV. Tom looked unimpressed and said something to the effect that CTV would review the documents and decide what to do with them.

link below


chutzpahticular said...


syncrodox said...

No prob...I watched PP today to see what Tom might have to say about the ass kickers revelations.

Nothing. IMHO Katsmeat is ...well catsmeat.


chutzpahticular said...

Tom Clark has enough on his plate already. He's probably steering clear of anything the cat cuisine fetishist dishes out.