Sunday, December 13, 2009

Elizabeth May Sets her Slacks on Fire on Question Period

Green Party leader, former Sierra Club director and all around whack job Elizabeth May was at her moonbatty best this morning on Question Period. While she didn't really set her pants on fire she might as well have. (if you can't stomach the whole thing run the clip from 5:45 on)

Weighing in from Copenhagen Ms. May described yesterdays demonstrations as a ..."support march"........"a positive and joyful event....." and further declared that, "the mood was very celebratory". May also claimed that Danish police had estimated the size of the demonstration/celebration at 100,000 people.

Well that all sounds ducky except I had read this piece from the BBC prior to viewing the Question Period clip.

Climate change groups have criticised Danish police for using heavy-handed tactics after they detained 968 people at a rally near the Copenhagen summit.

Mel Evans from Climate Justice Action told the BBC protesters were held for hours in freezing conditions without medical attention, water or toilets.

Well that doesn't sound positive or joyful. What about the celebrations?

The protest was mainly peaceful, but some protesters threw bricks and smashed windows in the city centre, while others set off fireworks.

Large numbers of mainly young people were later detained. TV pictures showed the police putting the demonstrators in seated lines on the street with their hands tied behind their backs. They were later removed on buses.

Ms Evans said the actions of the police were appalling.

"People were very scared and they were held for about four hours on the ground. They weren't able to have any medical attention, any water, and weren't allowed to have any toilet facilities," she told BBC Five Live.

"People were there in freezing conditions urinating on themselves and being held in lines like, essentially like animals."

Not really my kind of celebration but I guess in a crowd of 100,000 a thousand bad apples could happen. Danish police did say it was 100,000 people....right Liz?

Police said about 30,000 people took part in Saturday's demonstration in the Danish capital, although organisers put the number at 100,000.

So Jane and Liz initially downplay the number of arrests citing 40-50 when the actual number was around a thousand. Liz then typifies the event as a 100,000 strong love in, when it appears to have been anything but, in both size and spirit.

Is it any wonder that I'm a tad cynical when Lizzie dodges a legitimate question on the financial costs of a Copenhagen treaty by referring to a potential 9 meter seal level rises in Canada.

Liz yer full of shit.



Lynn said...

Ah, but the question here,synchro, is who's better at estimating crowds,Danish Police, or environmental activists?

I do, however question the assertions "they were urinating on themselves", etc., This wasn't the Bataan death march, or 5 years at Stalag 15, it was a few hours in custody.

Should I assume environmental activists have weak bladders,and if so, has anyone done a (government funded) study on this condition?

And you have to give Liz May credit, she's ramped the ocean's rising figure way down from Gore's 6 metres, proving Lizzie never exaggerates and represents the moderate wing of the environmental lunatic fringe.

Remember that Lizzie is the duly elected leader of a major Canadian political Party, and though less amusing than the Rhinos, deserves all the respect due that high office.

There,I wrote that without once gagging,I'm ready for a career in politics.


syncrodox said...


Too funny but I beg to disagree on one point. Liz is way funnier than the Rhinos just unintentionally so.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand why David Suzuki doesn't sell his 2 oceanfront mansions given that the oceans are going to rise 9 meters. David you are going to need a scuba outfit

syncrodox said...


Have you been to the Suzuki Foundation website lately?

You should really go as Dave has an bit entitled and I shit you not, I Am a Fish.

This may clear up your incomprehension ;)


Alberta Girl said...

"Mel Evans from Climate Justice Action told the BBC protesters were held for hours in freezing conditions without medical attention, water or toilets"

Somehow there is some justice in that - after all, it is just a taste of a world where they got what they want - no more warming.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Dizzy Lizzy is full of shit. However, she will tell you that it is environmentally friendly with no GHGs so that makes it ok.
Analysis will find similarities in Suzuki and Gore shit.

syncrodox said...


I bet that hasn't occurred to a single one of the twits.


The greeny equivalent of my shit don't stink eh.


Jen said...

How did Elizabeth May manage to arrive at COPENHAGEN.?
How is it that world leaders are lavished in lifestyles fit for a King: jet planes spewting gas into the air; limos instead of donkey carts, food from foreign lands are flown it to endure the leaders with lavish meals intead of eating macaroni and cheese, burgers soup and water to follow suit like the protestors, how it that these leader will be given a warm bed exclusive hotels to stay from the cold instead of staying at a $2.00 motel or camp outside with the rest of the protestors.
I guess using diesel fuel, tons of electricity and tons of papers sure prove that they care not for the environment but how much money want to suck dry.

This has nothing to do with poverty, this has to do with greed.
Canada contributes in the billions of dollars to poorer nations; problem arises is that, the money that was meant for the poor is taken from them by their dictator to enrich himself and his empire.

Jen said...

You are correct, suzuki has an empire of his own, a 40ft bus that runs on: not on electricty, wind, sun, but on -OH NO-diesel? now where does diesel come from? also he has oceanfront resort yet at the same time he shouts from the mountain tops " THE OCEAN IS RISING; THE OCEAN IS RISING." Yet, he remains right where he is at.

Al Gore is the same. He has a new jet, three mansions, a cap and trade company yet he tells this own countryman to live reasonable and not use too much electricty and wash and hang clothes to dry.....