Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mole sought in release of e-mails designed to sabotage summit (Calgary Herald, 13 Dec 2009, Page A3)

I heard about this article this morning while reading a comment thread at Small Dead Animals. Unfortunately the commenter couldn't provide a link, so I went searching. As it turns out I had to sign up for a 21 day trial to get access to the piece but here it is.

For those of you who may not recognize the significance of this piece please let me explain. Lance Levsen (mentioned in the article) is a regular contributor at SDA. Lance produced an in-depth analysis into the CRU email hacking/whistle blower controversy a number of days ago which appeared on SDA.

A major theme in the climate alarmists denunciation of the CRU email leaks has been the illegality of the purported hacking. Lance's work goes a long way to refuting this claim and in fact suggests that a disaffected insider may well have released the data.

This is a significant point as motive has become a lynchpin in the AGW debate.

In a larger sense Lance's work is important in that the debate over AGW and the policies surrounding it has been driven by the internet, the bloggers. I'm working on a piece that takes a wider view of this and will post later. sure to read the'll either laugh or cry.


Mole sought in release of e-mails designed to sabotage summit
Calgary Herald
13 Dec 2009

Police are hunting a possible mole placed inside the University of East Anglia who may have leaked thousands of e-mails to sabotage the Copenhagen climate change summit. A source close to the university’s Climatic Research Unit has disclosed more...

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