Wednesday, June 23, 2010

5.0 Quake Hits Ottawa-Montreal-Toronto Triangle. Global Warming and Gulf of Mexico Blowout Cited as Likely Causes

An unprecedented 5.0 earthquake has struck central Canada and the north eastern U.S. This is a rare occurance and recognizing such I immediately tried to contact world renowned experts Al Gore and David Suzuki for some insights into the cause of this terrible tragedy.

Unfortunately Al was not available as he is apparently busy banging Lori David and Dave's number is unlisted.

Left with no credible sources Syncrodox Sez can only surmise the following:

Ghia is not happy. Ghia is getting a little could even say she is reaching middle age. Hot and cold flashes, unpredictable temperament and an inconsistent flow.

Tremors are to be expected. Even in the central cerebral cortex.....or Trawna.



bertie said...

The Goremeister was so concerned he phoned Suzuki and asked what the hell was going on in Canada.Suzuki who was doing an urgent vasectomy on an earwig responded that he will get the CBC right on it and have the NDP call for an immediate commission.He thought perhaps it was the fault of Global warming and will get out and ask for donations immediately.

syncrodox said...

Never underestimate the leftards ability to fuzzify the muddification.


The_Iceman said...

Ironically I left Southern Ontario for Vancouver 5 years ago, even though many experts believe Van City is just about due for a major quake. Then wouldn't you know, where I left gets a significant quake before the place I went. Never in my 30 years have I felt the ground shake.

syncrodox said...


That shake may yet come. Hang in there.