Saturday, August 28, 2010

John Ibbitson: Conservatives exploiting divisions, Columnists not so much??

John Ibbitson of the Globe and Mail accuses the Prime Minister of exploiting a urban/rural divide in the ongoing gun registry debate. This in and of itself isn't really news, The Liberals created the divide when they exploited the Ecole Polytechnique massacre by creating the long gun registry to garner fearful urbanite's votes.

What I find interesting is Mr. Ibbitson's choice of words and demographic observations regarding this division. The following caught my eye:

Mr. Bagnell, who has opposed the long-gun registry every time he was allowed to vote his conscience, faces an impossible choice. If he breaks with his party, he will humiliate his leader, who will punish him accordingly.

If he respects the whip, the Conservatives will launch an electoral jihad against him in Yukon, where forcing gun owners to register their shotguns and rifles is seen as tantamount to creating a police state.

A jihad? Really? Do you mean an electoral struggle? A holy war? Do the conservatives consider the Liberals dar al harb? Or is jihad just part of the sexy journo lexicon these days?

Of course it gets better/worse.

The gun registry reflects a seemingly unbridgeable divide between rural and urban English Canada. (Support for the registry is higher in Quebec, where all 48 Bloc Québécois MPs support it.) Most urban Canadians can’t understand why hunters and farmers can’t make the effort to register a potentially dangerous weapon. Rural voters, the vast majority of whom are white, don’t understand why people in cities want further restrictions on their way of life and a culture that is under threat as Canada becomes ever more urban and multicultural.

The Conservatives happily exploit that divide, in the North and elsewhere. The Liberals and NDP can only suffer.

So this issue is racial and cultural as well as urban/rural? What no feminist angle?



wilson said...

'Rural voters, the vast majority of whom are white'

Rural communities are largely populated by first Canadians and their decendents, Native and white.
The land is passed down or sold to the next generation.

Rural culture is good honest hard work, growing crops and animals to feed the country, wide open spaces, clean air, clear running water, and an appreciation of Mother Earth that city folk only pretend to have.

Why the media and the urban voters think our way of life is something to look down upon, is beyond me.
they should have it so good!

CanadianSense said...

Can Ibbits point out to the compliance rate of aboriginal community regarding firearms?

The culture war proxies should learn some relevant facts before spouting off.

How much does it cost to register?

Liberals are willing to lose millions in fees to keep registry, so non gun owners being asked to subsidize the registry.

Boat licensed operators should seek the same community tax shift to non boat operators for public safety.

The opposition exploited Mark Lepine's carnage in Quebec for political advantage, they did not have evidence the registry would work. Liberals created a wedge issue during the campaign against the Reform party and the rural community.

syncrodox said...


I think the hard work angle might be a deal breaker for many pampered urbanites.


The Libs did so exploit the Marc Lepine/Gamil Gharbi travesty.

One misogynistic loser, the product of a multi-culti broken and seemingly loveless urban family becomes the impetus for the Farmer Bob Gun registry.

I figure they exploited the shit out of it.


Anonymous said...

Ibbitson is an idiot. He has no idea what life is like in the country side nor does he care. So selfish and narrow he is just like a typical Liberal. There is a divide on this issue because it is the reality of the issue not some strategic area to exploit. Naturally it co-mingles more with conservative beliefs than Liberal beliefs but that is just the way it is and not a manufactured crisis as this doofas thinks it is. (real conservative)