Monday, August 02, 2010

Professor Iffy on National Unity, Pumpkins and Salt.

As the Professor Iffy Under the Bus Tour rolls across the nation, regular Mike took the opportunity to announce his National Food Policy initiative. Breathtaking in scope, noble in intent, interventionist by nature and as hollow as a jack-o-lantern.

So. If I understand Mike correctly there is a national unity rift along rural and urban lines. The solution to this crisis is more farmers markets and more Canadian food on Canadian plates, but not too much salt. Of course this will require government leadership.

If past performance is any indication of future actions then I would expect a regular Mike led LPC government to address the above mentioned national unity crisis through some sort of urban/rural educational outreach program. Advertising Sponsorship of selected events that foster national unity ought to do the trick.

As far as the salt issue goes...simple silly...a National Salt Shaker Registry.



WTF said...

Gee I wonder who hammered in the wedge between Urban / Rural Canadians? Anyone....Buller...Buller

CanadianSense said...

Is this cerebral part of his Adult Conservation Tour?

Why are his advisers forcing him to dumb down his ideas?

Let Iggy be Iggy already.

wilson said...

Oh for gawd's sake. Farmers markets have been around for as long as I can remember.
Is this the first time Iffy has heard of them?
There he goes again, reinventing the wheel.

Yes, the Liberal Party has an urban/rural unity problem.
Cons and Dippers can manage to hold both urban and rural seats,
Libs...not so much, eh.

Perhaps that's because when downtown Toronto has a guns and gangs problem,
Liberals criminalize farmers and duck hunters.
Oh, and set up group hugs for inner city thugs.

Or maybe it started when Trudeau gave farmers the middle finger,
or devastated the West (predominately rural) with the NEP.

Funny too, if Iffy wants to unite rural and urban Liberals,
yah'd think on a 7 weeks long bus tour of Canada, he would have more than one stop in Alberta,
the Calgary Stampede.

Rural and Right said...

Yawn ... Golf clap ... pass the salt ...