Monday, January 31, 2011

Jane Taber; Did Conservative Attack Ads Contribute to Egyptian Unrest...Yes! Yes! Yes?

I will be the first to admit that my periodic attempts at blogging in no way qualifies as journalism.

That said, one would think that self professed professional journalists would have a rudimentary understanding of paragraph structure.

Case in point:

Stephen Harper and Michael Ignatieff face off against each other in the Commons Monday for the first time since the Conservatives pulled their nasty attack ads against the Liberals offline and as the situation in Egypt worsens.

The Opposition Leader and his MPs will focus their Question Period efforts on the “Conservatives’ bad spending choices and the billions being spent on corporate tax breaks,” according to a senior Ignatieff official.

Is it just me or is the first paragraph poorly constructed? I suppose it isn't if one believes nasty Canadian attack ads and Egyptian unrest are somehow linked. To Jane's credit she does get back to the Egyptian issue a few paragraphs down.

In addition, the Liberals will demand the government be more clear in its language about the state of play in Egypt. They want the Prime Minister to state that “there needs to be a peaceful transition to free and fair elections,” the Ignatieff official said.

NDP Leader Jack Layton will lead off on the issue as well. “Obviously we’ll also be looking for a stronger Canadian response to the situation in Egypt,” an NDP official said.

I sure hope Harper doesn't say something nasty whilst being clear and stronger.



CanadianSense said...

Perhaps the brain trust in the media and opposition think we should rent some Russian heavy lift airplanes?

Start an new tax funded reality show. Who wants to be a dictator: Egypt Edition.

Ideas to stop the protests from the left:
Raise corporate tax rate in Egypt, lower the taxes on home heating fuel, expand home care and a gun registry.

wilson said...

A 'strong' response to Iffy and Jack:

''...He repeated that Canada would not call on embattled President Hosni Mubarak to step down.

“It’s not up to the government of Canada to go and get involved in the internal politics of a country,” said Cannon. “We are respecting the sovereignty of that country.

Anonymous said...

Both paragraphs are poorly written. (real conservative)

Maps said...

No, you're right about that first paragraph being poorly written. It confused me at first.

WXRGina said...

Syncro, I hope what I wrote to you on the comments section of my column made sense.

I hate that my column did not sit well with you. Another guy from Canada came on after my reply to you and had some input. I hope you'll check back in to see what he said, and maybe leave your thoughts there again.

Thank you, Friend!

WXRGina said...

Thanks a bunch, Syncro! I appreciate your reply!

syncrodox said...

No problem Gina. Thank you.