Friday, February 18, 2011

When the Nuance Hits the Fan

One of the hallmarks of the left is a self professed capacity for nuance. Us lesser beings are judged to possess inferior discernment betwixt reality and bullshit...right and wrong...because we lack nuance.

The narrative downplays common sense and glorifies complexity. The thing is that the left , through the nuance doctrine, seeks to complicate easy solutions and exacerbate small problems.

This will go through the fan.



Shu-shoos-nik said...

This is a test, of the emergency
poetry network.

Were this a real poetic situation,
we'd undoubtedly come up with some better shit:

While you wait, for Heaven to come,

Newfies sit there, drinking rum.

They can turn, a phrase or two,

Then smash their bottle, over you.

syncrodox said...

Lard thuderin true.

ebt said...

Well, I was a failure as a research entomologist, because I just couldn't handle the new ants...

syncrodox said...