Friday, February 25, 2011

Tradgedy Narrowly Averted

QR 77 Radio in Calgary is reporting that a dangerous sex offender that the RCMP warned the public about on October 10,2010 is now sought in the kidnapping of a ten year old girl from a Calgary shopping mall last night. From the QR77 website:

Warrants issued in kidnapping case
Kelly Turner

Calgary police say several arrest warrants have been issued for a man who has a history of violence and sexual offenses against females between the ages of 10 and 42. The warrant is in connection with the kidnapping of a 10-year-old girl from Deerfoot Mall. It happened Thursday when she became separated from her dad around 6:30 pm. She was approached by a man who said he was a police officer and accused her of shoplifting. The offender picked up the victim and carried her to his vehicle. A short time later, he drove to a nearby Mcdonald's in Airdrie, and the girl managed to call 911. Canada wide warrants have now been issued for 43 year old John Francis Dionne of Linden, Alberta. He is charged with kidnapping, child abduction, assault, robbery and impersonating a police officer.

Here is the October 10, 2010 article from the Calgary Sun that warned the public about John Francis Dionne. An excerpt here:

RCMP Sgt. Patrick Webb said it’s rare for police to issue such warnings when an offender is released but given his past that includes a conviction for sexual assault, felt the need to warn people.

“These are not done lightly and only when there is a risk to re-offend,” he said.

“If we believe there’s the potential for re-offending and we’re worried about the victimization of people, we feel they should be advised.”

Dionne, 43, was charged after his accuser, a drug-addicted former prostitute, said she was picked up in Calgary’s East Village on Oct. 28, 2008 and was driven outside the city where he forced himself on her for 10 hours.

During the trial, however, the victim recanted and said she lied about being raped.

Mounties said Dionne has a history of violence and sexual offences against females between the ages of 10 and 42 and has recently been diagnosed as HIV positive.

Dionne is white, 5-foot-11, 170 lb. with blue eyes and brown hair and drives a 1992 blue Dodge Caravan with Alberta licence plate NAE 434.

Webb said police won’t be able to keep tabs on him at all times and are making the public aware because of the potential risk.

You will notice that a description of this monsters van along with the licence plate number is included in the article.

What is not included in the text of the QR77 piece is some very disturbing details of how this went down last night. This man was pulled over by RCMP while he had the kidnapped child with him in the front seat. In fact he was issued with a moving violation ticket and sent on his way!!

This raises serious questions about either the competence of the officer involved or the effectiveness of the computer system used to track and flag sex offenders.

To be fair, the child was not yet reported missing when the traffic stop was made and apparently the child was too terrified to say anything to the police officer when he issued the moving violation.

On the other hand, it appears this POS was using the same van the public was warned about last October.

Thank God this innocent little girl is back safe with her family and not a tragic statistic, despite our law enforcement system.

Something more substantial needs to be done about these sick bastards.


Bert said...

A cure for this sort of behaviour is an injection of lead to the cranial cavity at 340 m/s.

syncrodox said...

Works for me Bert.