Friday, November 11, 2011

Charter Rights and Campus Credibility...Incongruent or What?

On this day 11/11/11 those of us who respect our heritage paused. Others presumably held meetings to consolodate their appelate strategy.

The University of Calgary has seen fit to fight a judicial battle based on the premise that St.Peeairs Charter of Rights and Freedoms does not apply on university other words university campus' are above the law.

From the Calgary Herald:

"The University of Calgary must have autonomy in disciplining students for non-academic conduct and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms should not apply, its lawyer argued before the Alberta Court of Appeal on Wednesday."

Also from the Herald an opinion piece from Licia Corbella that further elucidates.

A snippet:

“The department head hired her spouse, who wasn’t qualified to teach that course and then she’s on the disciplinary committee? I mean it’s hard to believe this can happen. Look at this waste of money,” he said, referring to the high-priced lawyers arguing on behalf of the U of C, the University of Alberta and the Associations of Universities and Colleges of Alberta.

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Anonymous said...

"The University of Calgary has saw fit to fight"

"has saw"?

Perhaps "has seen" would not grate on my English ears as much. "Have saw, will cut."

syncrodox said...

Good point. Correction made.

As an aside, does it grate on you at all that a Canadian University is seeking exemption from the Charter of Rights and Freedoms?..or is grammer the more pressing issue?

Frances said...

The U of C's behavoiur is the pressing issue; however, egregious grammar and spelling errors do tend to detract from an otherwise excellent argument.

syncrodox said...

Point taken Frances...