Thursday, July 29, 2010

Iggy Gets Jiggy on Queen Street

I have nothing to add.



Darcy said...

Your link appears down

syncrodox said...

Thanks. Fixed now.


Anonymous said...

he wasn't so bad. i doubt harper would have done better. difference is, iggy was there.

syncrodox said...


You did read the earlier post? No?


Anonymous said...

He looks like such a fool!

Powell lucas said...

I thought the iggomaniac was on a cross country tour. Has he left Ontario yet? Talk about preaching to the choir.

Anonymous said...

What great fodder for Conservative ads in the next election.
Stephen Harper knows his limitations and would never get "jiggy"!
Iggy is such a knob.

CanadianSense said...

Nearly every photo is cropped, no crowds?

MPs, candidates are having difficult time in getting their faithful to show up?

Besides the Camp photos where are "the Canadians" that have jumped on board the Iggymania?

D.O.A. even before he left Ottawa: Mother Nature voted against him and soaked the insiders, loyalists (rain)