Thursday, September 27, 2007

Dr. Suzuki Et Al On how to Have a Carbon Neutral Propogandafest...Live Earth Not Included

I was surfing the net today....the good the bad and the ugly.... just because, and I came across this from the David Suzuki Foundation

An environmental friendly primer for you wannabe social activists. Or Enviroganda 101:

Large events such as conferences, sports competitions, concerts, festivals, and conventions can be major sources of greenhouse gas emissions. Electricity, heating and air conditioning, ground transportation, air travel, paper and other materials are just some of the ways that large events contribute to climate change. However, many event organizers are recognizing that large events do not have to have a huge climate impact and, in fact, can play a positive role by becoming low-carbon or even carbon neutral.

Tell me more Dr. Dave.

Recent major events that have taken responsibility for their greenhouse gas emissions include: the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD), 2006 FIFA World Cup, 2006 Commonwealth Games, the Dave Matthews Band concert tour, the Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival, and the 2005 United Nations Climate Change Conference. The environmental leadership demonstrated by these events is helping to transform the event industry, with green initiatives quickly becoming expected.

Whaa? Live Earth is not mentioned? Do I smell a whiff of prophet envy or is it a crack in the enviromafia?

According to Al, "Live Earth" was the be all and end all of raising climate change awareness. How is it that this stellar effort is not on the Suzuki radar?

Was it the fact Dave didn't get any face time with Leanardo? Was it all about Al? You didn't get your cut?

Or was the whole thing a colossal waste of time and energy?

Do tell.


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