Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Is Garth Planning on Pulling a Belinda?

In light of the Liberal disaster that was Outremont there is much speculation about the future leadership of Stephane Dion. In my previous post I noted an interesting question by a self identified lifelong Liberal. How soon could there be another leadership convention?

This morning commentor Blue Liberal left this on the thread:

Blue Liberal said...

Garths leadership is now in full swing. If youd like to know more, call Tony McLaren.

Garths tour out west was not only to bash PM Harper and try to prop up the dying leadership of Dion (making good impressions) but to bolster his leadership chances. The person making the comments about Dion at this town hall was NOT a conincidence, but carefully planned.

He may be a jerk, but hes not stupid.

I tend to agree with Blue and noted earlier that the questions all seemed to be planned. This got me thinking some more about Garth's townhall in Calgary and something odd I noted about the cameraman taping the event.

In my original post I describe how the picture of my cameraman Chris that appears on Garth's blog could only have come from the tape that the pro was shooting. In the same post Garth identifies the cameraman as being from CBC TV.

Then the crowd shouted the guy down. And that was it. The two sat and grumbled for a while. Shot more videotape. But when a CBC television cameraman started mousing around their corner of the room, the ops fled.

Odd I thought. Then I realized that early on in Garth's show he can be heard asking the cameraman (who was just out of the frame of our video) "Your getting this right?" Around the same time the cameraman moves around the room and mounts the stage to shoot from Garth's perspective. Another oddity for a newsman, No?

I figured this might become pertinent later and ask Chris to get a close-up of the camera. Clearly there are no identifying logos that one might expect.

Once again don't take my word for it. Garth Turner Unedited or Your getting this right?

So, was this a newsman shooting news video or a hired gun shooting tape for some future purpose?

Given last nights by election results I wonder.

And finally check out my previous post. The answer Garth gives in defense of Dion could be construed as somewhat "lefthanded".

Go figure.



Inside Garths Camp said...

Garth has been known to have his own camera man follow him. He does "own" his own media company and during things like his nomination meeting and other events he has a camera man available.

I doubt from the CBC because unless there was a big CBC sticker on the camera, it wasnt from the CBC.

Rumour has it now that the byelection is over and Dions career seems to be slipping away from him, theres no room in caucus for Garth in Iggy's camp....which leads to the path that Garth will call it a career in the next 6 months.

syncrodox said...


I could see Garth with a camera in tow at all times but wonder why he would identify it as a CBC camera.

I agree an the logo and there is clearly no logo on this particular camera. Maybe Garth forgot it was his camera.

Will Garth call it a career or is he working behind the scenes to take a run at the leadership of the LPoC?

I wouldn't discount either option.


Anonymous said...

Im sure Garth will run for the leadership. He did it for the PC's and got less than 100 votes. I think he might be able to match it.

His ego is too big NOT to take a run at it, and with his left handed compliments of Dion, he can claim hes the team player he is.

His cameras DO follow him everywhere and his claim its a CBC is just that a claim...

syncrodox said...


I suspect his ego is that big or I should say I hope so.

Where I come from we call unsubstantiated claims bullshit.

But Garth wouldn't bullshit his people...would he?


Paul M said...

When Garth Turner first ran for the nomination for the Conservative Party, he hired a camera crew to be present at a number of events not the least being the nomination meeting.

He may very well be shooting these videos for a run at the Liberal leadership (God help the Liberals).

I personaly think he has everything he does videotaped and stockpiled for the day he opens the "Garth Turner Museum".

syncrodox said...


That sounds about right. I suggest the Me me me Museum would be an appropriate name.