Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Savy Political Strategy of the Academic Variety

So it seems the the chips have fallen where they may. Outremount is gone, stormed by the NDP hoard. Off the island the Libs have lost their election deposits. Meanwhile, the little academic that could keeps on chugging away.

Desperate times call for desperate measures and the social scientist at the controls appears to have turned up the same metaphorical box canyon as Steve Fossett.

Two days after the plane wreck in Outremont, Stephane Dion's political instincts have led him up a killer slope. The issues he hopes to take flight with.....the release of Omar Khadr from the Guantanamo Bay detention center. Well that and the brilliant assertion that with leadership numbers polling at a solid 15% what Canadians really want is more Dion. And finally, Harper and the Conservatives are women haters.

Only a cloistered academic who's used to eager freshmen kissing his professorial ass could come to this conclusion.

The fact that in Quebec the decades old mafia style protection racket that the LPoC ran was broken by the Gomery Inquiry is of no consequence. The fact that Dion was a cabinet minister under Chretien and Martin and he failed to mention his principles regarding the detention of Omar Kahdr is to be forgotten. The fact that most Canadians view Stephane as a quirky intellectual with all the charm of a dead mackerel matters not a whit. And of course Steven Harper is a women hater.... for non-denominational deity's sake ....he made his wife take his name!!!

So here is what it is Stephane. Just like Steve Fosset you both have won acclaim in specialized fields. The insular world of the theoretical and the highly prepared feats of derring do that Fossett is famous for share one common theme. They are uncommon.

It is the common that kills. Fossett disappeared flying a two-seater, fabric skinned, high performance, tail dragger on a routine flight in ideal weather. My theory....massive heart attack and the ensuing catastrophic wreck ensured the ELT (emergency locater transmitter) was destroyed. Hence no clue as to where his earthly remains are to be found.

In your case the wreck is going to be easy to spot. Unlike Fossett, you have chosen to fly up a box canyon in a piece of equipment that can't out climb the terrain. The only way out is a hard 180 and you are clearly not inclined to turn back.

A little known fact....98.95% of all fatal aircraft accidents happen at or near the ground. Welcome to the real world.


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