Saturday, June 12, 2010

Iggy Learns to Ifferate.

Well that was embarrassing. I post infrequently and briefly. Dropping the text of the story does however totally defeat the purpose. So anywayys...

Michael Ignatieff has finally taken a non-stand.

"I'm not saying what I will or will not do," he said.

I heard that.



Anonymous said...

Call the election.

syncrodox said...

If Harper did I'm sure Iffy would find a way to decline. Clumsily.


Joanne BLY said...

Iggy missed his calling. He should have been a weatherman:

'There is a 50% chance of my doing anything tomorrow with a rising pressure from my caucus that may cause a brief flurry of action in the east.'

syncrodox said...

True enough Joanne!