Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The Kinsella Doctrine

The party of no policy is sidetracked yet again by internal warfare over the subtly of their non-policy.

This is the Kinesella Doctrine and it permeates much of the Liberal Party of Canada. Stand for nothing while championing the the cause de jour. Emote. Often. When power slips away.....grasp.

Import ex-pat intellectuals to assuage the right leaning faction of your party. Sip Wine.

When the whole nuclear ball of shit the PowerCorp slide and look to the Rae of Light.



Anonymous said...

When all else fails smear every Christian in Canada to make the conservatives look like a party of right wing theocrats.

To hell with him.

L said...

What the Liberals do not get is that the CPC base includes a whole lot of agnostic, fiscally conservative, but socially moderate people. And many are urban and well-educated too. The tent also includes libertarians and people of all stripes who want to have smaller governments at all levels and only a few needed national programs.