Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Maher Arar was a bargian compared to the Khadr clan.

From the Grope and Flail:

Understatement personified.

Feel free to come to your own conclusions.



kursk said...

From the mop and pail..

"Editor's Note: Comments have been closed on this story because an overwhelming number of readers were making offensive statements about other commenters and/or the individual or individuals mentioned in the story. That kind of behaviour is a breach of our commenting policy, and so the comment function has been turned off. We appreciate your understanding."

No fucking kidding. People are upset about this terrorist loving family? Yep, better shut down the comments and stifle the dissent.Can't have reality creeping into the narrative being pushed by our leftist media of a multicultural utopia..

End Muslim immigration now.

Place the Khadr clan in particular on an ice flow in the Arctic.

syncrodox said...


You noticed that to eh?


Lynn said...

Gee,what a well-rounded wholesome Canadian family are the Khadrs!

Kinda remind me of the Sutters.


syncrodox said...

The Sutterite colony isn't gonna like that one.


Anonymous said...

Here's Arar's wife at a Pro-hamas rally in Ottawa with a NDP mp,plus read the other Hamas supporters and it becomes easy to understand why the Liberals love the Khadrs and the Takiban.