Sunday, October 19, 2008

I Come not to Praise Stephane but to Bury Him.

The backpack toting little intellectual who epitomized the ivory tower arrogance of the LPC is all but politically buried. The funeral will be held tomorrow, in lieu of flowers the Librano family asks that donations be made in his name to The Liebral Party of Canada.

Stephane was a shining example of Liberal political expediency. He first gained national recognition for adopting and championing The Clarity Act on Quebec Separation. In true Liberal form he failed to recognize the true authors of the act, Preston Manning and Stephen Harper.

Stephane was also Environment Minister under Jean Cretien and participated in negotiations around the Koyoto Accord on Greenhouse Gas Emissions. As Environment Minister he spouted many platitudes and did nothing to meet the contract his government signed.

Stephane surprised many when he won the leadership of the LPC in 2006 with a symbolic array of green scarfs and vows to slay the Co2 dragon. This led to his Green Shift Carbon Tax for social welfare programs approach to potential governance. Given the apparent global cooling and increasing global economic uncertainty, Green Shift was seen as taxation without justification. Done deal.

Stephane was pre-deceased by Jason Cherniak, Garth Turner and any semblance of principle within the LPC.

Stephane is politically survived by a bankrupt party, his professorial pals Bob and Iggy, Jane Taber, Craig Oliver, Jim Travers and TorStar (for now), Justin Trudeau, Warren Kinsella and a myriad of socialist Canadians who are entitled to their entitlements.

He will be sadly missed by both large and small C conservatives alike.

Viewing tomorrow @ 2:00 pm EST, internment in academia to follow.



hunter said...

I enjoyed this post very much. Why is it that only Conservatives see clearly through the political fog?

Hopefully common sense will continue to win out over lefty pablum.

syncrodox said...


Clarity is a defining trait of many small c conservatives. Unfortunately it is often portrayed as heartlessness by the left.

In the mean time I hope to inspire a little clarity with mockery and common sense. I see you take a similar approach at your blog.

Maybe we should start a revolution...yea...yea...we could call it the common sense not;)


Teresa said...

I've often thought that the liberal mind is deficient in common sense. Good luck with the mockery and common sense, but from what I'm seeing here in the U.S. you can slap a liberal in the face with all the clarity in the world and he'll still refuse to open his eyes.

syncrodox said...


Sadly, I think you're correct. The damage has been done by usefull idiots to the extent they permeate academia and the media.

On the other hand the advent of the new social media has given the commonest of men a voice, Information is the new nuke, in this respect those with clarity have the tools to stem the tide.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Hunter - the Lib supporters just cannot see through the gauze. Why any of them would continue to support the green shift, call Dion a man of honesty and integrity, and laud Garth for the great things he has done for Halton, is way beyond me.

I often wonder if our brains are hard-wired - Conservatives can think outside the box and see things as they really are while Liberals can only see what they are told to see.

Excellent blog, Sync.

syncrodox said...

East of Eden

Some of the rabid frothers at Garth's site really are something to behold. In that case I think Garth's appeal has a lot to do with his writing abilities. Garth has a talent for painting a very emotive picture with words. Romantic idealism couched in feel good catch phrases with a dash of Barnum and Baily thrown in for good measure.

IMO the hard core of Liberal supporters who stand by their brand are attracted to the party through the affective domain at the expense of the cognitive. Feeling first and always. Conservative supporters tend to be more pragmatic applying logic before emotions.

For proof of this theory one only needs to look at the Liberal search for a dynamic, exciting leader, someone who will inspire, a messiah of sorts. Hell there are those out there who want Justin Trudeau as if that isn't emotionally driven nothing is.


p.s. Thanks and welcome to my site. I've been doing this casually for a while and have recently began to take it more seriously with the encouragement of Scooter/PeaceMoonbeam.