Friday, October 31, 2008

Why do They Let Idiots on Airplanes?

So, I'm sitting at the puter surfin the net and listening to my favorite talk/news station when word comes that Canada's premier leftard activist has just made a high level pass over northern Alberta.

Following the flightpath of pioneering leftards like Stephane Dionne and David Suzuki we now have Maude Barlow taking wing in an effort to shut down the oilsands. Unlike Steph and Dave, Maude is taking a different tact. The instrument of destruction is no longer Co2, that's so yesterday......It's the water people!

With skepticism about Anthropic Global Warming increasing amongst the unwashed masses the left is feathering the prop.

Maude Barlow, the recently appointed United Nations Czar of water is slapping her beaver tail to warn the rest of us beavers about the coming doom. Now water is Maude's area of expertise and having toned down her American hating schtick with the rise of the big O, she is properly positioned to chastise big oil.

What all these high flying leftards have never done is set foot on the Muskeg. Think slough with twice the mosquitos and half the charm. That's the bush side of it but Maude's real beef here is the water. Fair enough.

Having spent a good portion of my younger days either in or on the Athabasca, Clearwater and Horse I will point out to Maude that the oil leaks into the rivers naturally. Pitch the Cree in the area call it. Great stuff for patching canoes as explorer Peter Pond discovered in the 1780's.

A viscous tar like substance that literally oozes out of the steep banks along the aforementioned rivers, oilsands or tarsands is literally the lifeblood of the region and in fact a huge contributor to the financial life of this nation.

Maude would shut down all development of this NATURAL resource because some oil might get into the river. If she had bothered to get near the water, rather than jetting over the area, she might have discovered that the oil is, was and will always be a part of the 'natural" environment.

Details like that are hard to see from on high.

I hate pretentious idiots.


P.S. Maude if you happen to catch this I recommend you rethink The Lord Of The Rings reference because you're looking and sounding more and more like Gollum each day.


Teresa said...

Wow, do you ever read or hear something that immediately takes you back to an earlier time? I haven't heard or read the words Peter Pond since I was a young one in school.
I did just read about Maude's appointment as the UN's water advisor or whatever the heck her title is. I think Maude and the UN deserve each other.

syncrodox said...


I grew up in Fort Mc Murray so of course we were schooled in the history of the area. The kids from Peter Pond Jr. High were our arch rivals (St. Johns Jr. High) until we all graduated to the Comp. The only high school in town at the time.

As kids we swam in the rivers and some time in the shop with a varsol soaked rag was in order after every swim to remove the numerous oilspots.

Pompous asses like Maude Barlow who demonize the area and the industry without any knowledge of the conditions on the ground is getting tiring.

Gross exaggerations like the oilsands produce 66% of Canada's GHG emissions (the actual number is 5%) or misrepresentations of the facts like the claim that the oilsands covers an area the size of Florida. While this is roughly correct (oilsands deposits straddle the Sask. Alta. border for about 300 miles with the largest portion laying undeveloped in Sask.) what is not told is that the mining of this resource is occurring in a 50 square mile area of northern Alberta.

I agree that Maude and the UN deserve each other but I don't think we deserve either of them.


Teresa said...

Misrepresentation of facts seems to be a common thread these days. I had heard the oilsands produced about half of Canada's greenhouse gas emissions, so I'm surprised by the 5%. I remember telling my sister that Canada has well over 80% of the world's bitumen (spelling?) which has resulted in Canada becoming our largest supplier of oil. She said "WHAT..No way...our oil comes from Saudi." I think most of my fellow Americans are ignorant about Alberta's oil sands.

syncrodox said...


The oilsands (bitumen) and other Canadian oilfields (large scale development of conventional reserves in Saskatchewan and B.C.) now account for 15% of America's oil imports.

This accounts for the single largest supplier to America.

America's top 15 importers here:

You are right that most Americans assume Saudi is their main importer.

In the light of this knowledge it sure doesn't make sense for Barry to be yapping about opening NAFTA to save jobs in the rust belt.

We wear the pants when it comes to energy resources and our manufacturing sector is hurting just as bad as yours. We aren't the enemy and Barry better consider that.