Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I Was Wrong...My Depth of Shame is Only Surpassed by My Newfound Enthusiasm!!

I was wrong...horribly wrong!... In prematurely writing Stephane Dionne's political obit I missed the obvious. Although it is true he has relinquished the leadership of the LPC, I did not account for the groundswell of grassroots support this wily politician had in reserve.

In the era of digital democracy nothing is certain and the case for Stephane illustrates the power of the people. An evolving on-line petition aimed at convincing Stephane Dionne to stay on as leader of the LPC is at this very moment gaining momentum.

Canadians from all walks of life are swamping the site to show their support for the little intellectual who would. Directly from the site I've taken the liberty of lifting some of the more poignant pleas.

From Family

555.Celine Dion He's my brother!

From the Gay Community

549.Niel and Bob You can come over to the gay rights party, it's just a party and BYOB.

From Stoners

538.The Marijuana Party Our only hope to have marijuana legal is gone

Meat Eaters

533.J.C. Reid QC Stephane Dion is one BIG THANKSGIVING TURKEY & Conservatives are still giving thanks. ARGH!

The young

Larry .....Can I please have some more Kool Aid please?

Rural Canadians

405.Celmo Muckridge Why that speech Mr. Dijon gave on the picture box near made me cry. I swear that is a smrt man and he don't deserve no shuckin and trashin like he done got. Yesiree that man is smrt.


598.Mother Cherniak Stephane gives my boy a reason to live


480.P.E. Trudeau A true Liberal intellectueal and he should tap into his Dionmania side.

The Compassionate

310.Scott Janke Can't we just let him start over again?

Not so much

307.D. Legace Stephane should stay but not as leader. We can find him a spot in the mail room

It's clear to this citizen reporter that a political groundswell is afoot. At the time of this filing nearly one thousand Canadians had weighed in support of Dear leader Dionne.

More as this develops:



I've just checked the "Stephane is a Leader" site and just as I suspected the tsunami of support for Steph is swelling. As the poll surges towards the millennium mark many more concerned Canadians are speaking out.

More Moms

878.Dion's Mom Stephane..did you clean your room like I asked you to?


848.John McCallum (again) Stephane, I drink to your success! Burp!

There have been instances of cyber-vandalism on the site including:

Grumpy old men

790.David Suzuki You did it all wrong, you idiot. we need someone else

Grumpier old men

668.jackass stop encouraging him...

All in all the fate of a defeated/interim/retired leader is in the balance and an
anxious nation waits.


The Phantom said...

Hi Syncro. I fear the universal karmic balance would plotz if I told a fib that big. Obama's campaign is using up all the fibbery, there's not enough left to call Dion a leader.

Maybe there's a spot on the landscaping team for the LPC head office? Then they can call him a weeder.

syncrodox said...

The Phantom

That could work. Whatever it takes!!


Anonymous said...

Great post. It may take surgery to remove that tongue from your cheek but it's worth it. Gotta love that Dion - a real gift to our side.

Anonymous said...

What is the URL for "stephane is a leader"? I'm dying to see the site.

syncrodox said...

East of Eden

It looks like the folks behind the petition have taken it down. Too bad really because the comments were becoming sublime.

Oh well...at least we still have Stephane for a few more months, I'm sure he'll give us something else to laugh at.


Anonymous said...

That's UNFAIR. Do you think it's easy to follow Stephane without that web site. That's UNFAIR!!!! LOL.

The guy is a gift to us, really. At times during the campaign, I wondered if he was a mole working for the CPC, the way he was going about his campaign. Paul Wells wrote a great article on Dion's mistakes and flaws in this week's MacLeans. It's worth reading. It really shows Dion as he is and not as the image of a fair and honest guy. Turns out that he's dictatorial in a mild but firm way, petulant, vindictive, stubborn, arrogant, etc.

Teresa said...

When I google "Stephane is a leader" the only thing I get is a website for cabbages. What's with that???

Lord Tubington said...


That's a shame really. I am dying to see "Stephane is a leader." You see, I've been struggling with irritable bowel syndrome and constipation this past week, and I'm just about clear of it. However I require the right kind of poison to flush the rest of the quagulated and gangrenous stew out of my system, and down my porcelain thinking stool (no pun intended)

Do you have any more sapplings from the orchard of our plentiful nurturer? I'm sure a few more tastes from this collaboration of prophets and right-doers would work better than any amount of flaxseed I could possibly force down my throat-hole.


The Duke of Tubtpoia

Lord Tubington said...

P.S. miss ya bud, take care.

syncrodox said...


Unfortunately the ironically named Liberal Party of Canada has excoriated any reference to green from their website.

Hence the cabbage link. Default.


Really,really,really sorry to hear about your gastrointestinal challenges.

Still luv you though.


Anonymous said...

Shouldn't you use the snigger for the nigger? He might get elected you know.

Whereas Dion has resigned, in case you didn't get the memo, moron.

I'll be relieved when Karl Rove comes up here to help you idiots. At least then we'll see some interesting material instead of your childishness.

syncrodox said...


I'm sorry this a out of date post...Life happens... but if you had basic comprehension skills you might have noticed when I first posted this piece of crap.

About Stephane resigning......I am fucking heartbroken. I will learn to live with my emotions.

As far as Karl Rove goes aren't you dangerously close to Godwins Law?


p.s. You're gonna love my next bit of childish shit. Germ.