Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Anti-Prorogation's Professional Protesters

The CBC breathlessly reported on 35 anti-prorogation protesters that greeted Prime Minister Harper in Toronto yesterday. While the small number of protesters was notable what was even more interesting is the identity of key organizers. An excerpt:

Canada's convalescing economy may have topped Prime Minister Stephen Harper's agenda Wednesday, but anti-prorogation anger ended up crashing his Toronto road show.

About 35 protesters, ranging from students to seniors, picketed Harper's afternoon visit to the C.D. Howe Institute, chanting "Stop the prorogation, listen to the nation!"

It's just a taste of what's to come on Saturday, when thousands are expected to gather at rallies across Canada to protest the shutdown of Parliament, said Walied Khogali, who helped organize the demonstration.

"We just want to send a clear message that we are watching and we do care, and our MPs are accountable to us, not to any specific political party or to any elite," said the 25-year-old university student. "We want them back to work."

Wednesday's protest, which included antiwar demonstrators and those opposing Canadian terror suspect Omar Khadr's detention at Guantanamo Bay, was confined to the sidewalk opposite the institute's office until police shut down the busy downtown street.

Make note of the "Why are we Paying You?" protest sign, it becomes relevant later.

I thought I recognized Mr. Khogali's name and sure enough he has quite a google footprint. My favorite find is this image recording the Canadian Students Federation Day of Action.

The photo caption reads:

Walied Khogali, former president of the University of Toronto at Mississauga Students' Union, shouts profanities at Greg McBride, 4th year cognitive science and political science student at the University of Toronto, who carried a sign saying "Don't ask others to pay for your schooling.

It seems professional protester Walied Khogali was offended by the notion that he should have to pay for his own education. Which leads me to wonder what the canadian taxpayer is subsidizing his education for?

Of course this is only one of Mr. Khogali's many accomplishments. It seems he has published opinions on CRTC liscencing of Al-Jezera English in various lefty publications including this gem.

Walied is also a minor celebrity at the CBC, giving an on air interview on the eve of Obama's inaugeration. It seems Walied even made time to campaign for the big O in West Virginia.

And finally, for those of you who do facebook, I encourage you to check out Mr. Khogali's postings entittled: Stop Jason Kenny from using our taxes to discriminate.

It's good to know the Anti-prorougation forces are non-partisan and grassroots.



Big Red Magnum said...

Nice catch bud.
Wonder if he belongs to Acorn in Ontario?

syncrodox said...


That sounds about right as Mr. Khogali self identifies as a community organizer.


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syncrodox said...

bring it on.


chutzpahticular said...

Sounds like Walied Khogali (aka Anonymous?) needs to buckle down and work on his language skills as well as his attitude and gratitude.

syncrodox said...


I don't think that's Mr Khogali...sounds a lot like Kate's sporadic friend "new".


chutzpahticular said...

Ooooooh, that would fit, alright.
Incoherent New.

sanwin said...

This is an even better picture.

Apparently Mr. Khojali didn't just stop at insults.