Friday, January 29, 2010

Rick Mercer Contemplates Felatio

Having somehow missed out on the latest senate appointments, television personality Rick Mercer tweeted out to his peeps with a call for suggestions on whom one can blow for a senate seat.

Two things came to mind:



You haven't been blowing the wrong guys ...have you?



Sammy said...

And that my the quality of the entertainment your tax dollars are paying for!

syncrodox said...


The CBC....worth every billion.

Every year...


ridenrain said...

If you think about it, what a really sad career Mr. Mercer has had. Unlike all so many comedians who have gone on to bigger & better things, he's stuck at the CBC or some other Canadian welfare comedy program. I guess someone should ask him how that "One Ton Challenge" is working out these days.

Anonymous said...

TangoJuliette sez:

Do we want a Senate that is a House of "serious second thought" or a hang out for librano-enabling peter-puffers?

Ricky just *blows* non-stop.

Compared to his current CBC gig, him getting a senate appointment, he'd be "worked"to death within a few weeks.