Sunday, January 03, 2010

The Groundswell Senses a Paul Wells

There is a disturbance in the force.

Putting aside Wells pompous characterization of my blog, I'd like to highlight what amounts to a contradiction in LOGIC, which ultimately says more about the messenger and HIS MEDIUM than any review of my lowly opinion:

(read the comments)

This shit writes itself.

Update: It seems Paul Wells has responded to liblogger Far and Wide with a deft kick to the rhetorical nuts. For an encore he slags Dipper Accidental Deliberations.

I love cat fights.

Upperdate: Somebody claiming to be inkless has posted this on the Macleans thread:

A note on prominence, for the small number of readers who may be curious.
Wordpress blog stats tell me that on Sunday the Maclean's website sent 1,600 readers to the Far and Wide blog, which sent 27 readers to the Maclean's website in return.

I was surprised that my use of the term "not terribly prominent" would seem more important than the argument I was trying to endorse by linking to it, to the author of the very blog in question. But I nonetheless apologize for using the term. I do not like it when I choose words that become an obstacle to my intended meaning. What I was trying to do was make that blog more prominent because I thought its author had made an important point well. I'm sorry I didn't make that clear.


Choosing words can be a real bitch, especially for the unwordy.


Marx-A-Million said...

I have been banished from the capitalist pig Unamdubiously Ambivalent’s web site. Oh the humanity! I was not even able to respond to his ridiculous statement that we should murder Hollywood. Come on, I know that I am not someone to lecture on hyperbole, but sanctioned murder of our brilliant apostles? That's a bridge too far. I am not even allowed to express my outrage! What am I to do?

syncrodox said...


This is serious...Wake up your mom and demand strawberry toast and tea.