Sunday, January 03, 2010

Paul Wells Senses a Groundswell

This from Paul Wells at Macleans:

ominous rumbling. Note that one post on a not-terribly-prominent blog draws nearly a dozen comments of support within six hours on a holiday Sunday.

Now, however, the author will face some heat from fellow Grits for “airing our dirty laundry in public,” i.e. “interrupting everyone’s nap.”

(read the comments on the second link)



CanadianSense said...

Will those birkestockers get frostbite if they protest out in January?

It will be fun watching the CBC and the Toronto Star use close ups to make the 12 protestors with their bristol board signs appear newsworthy.

It will be funny watching the tanned opposition MP's join in and rant dictator as well.

syncrodox said...

It's not easy being Iggy.