Friday, January 01, 2010

Elly May Weighs in on Prorogation

This from the Toronto Star.

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May is urging Canadians to "kick and scream" in protest against Prime Minister Stephen Harper's decision to shut down Parliament for the next two months.

Rumor has it that if Prime Minister Harper refuses to reconvene Parliament according to Elly's timetable she is fully prepared to escalate her protest to it's logical conclusion.

Tactics are said to include: stomping her feet, holding her breathe until she passes out, laying down in the aisle at Wal-Mart while doing all of the above, thrashing her room, refusing to eat her peas, screaming "I HATE YOU" repeatedly and finally, dating a greasy biker.

Enjoy your date Elly.


p.s. Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

The difference is 25 sitting days - from the former start date of January 25 to now a new Throne Speech in the first days of March.

The majority of the sitting days in February take place during the Olympics where there will not be a quorum for any major work as the country will be hosting many international leaders and businesses in Vancouver.

Was the Opposition planning to throw in a non - confidence vote while the PM was away- maybe a Bob Rae led coalition coup? Is that why Ellie May is upset. She just spent a nice little time at Michael Ignatieff's home in Florence crafting their strategy and mean olf Stephen Harper is screwing up her plans to be an unelected Iggy appointee?

One does have to look at the underside of the Liberal snake to realize that the only way to keep them from getting back to rape this country agains is to play hard ball.

Powell lucas said...

If Elly May and her party had a seat in parliament they could rally the rest of the opposition to vote the Conservatives out on a no confidence motion. Too bad she doesn't enjoy that little perquisite. Why doesn't she run for a seat somewhere, anywhere, nowhere?

syncrodox said...


Hardball it is.


Poor Elly...and now all the senate seats are spoken for.


Anonymous said...

From Anon 2,

Miming is a great protest tactic.

Calgary Junkie said...

LOL. You gotta love the thrashing around by the impotent Left. Of course they only have themselves to blame, for being divided, weak, and compromised by their shortage of money.

All the time they wasted, howling in outrage over every picayune thing Harper did or didn't do, is now coming back to haunt them. They SHOULD have been doing productive work, like uniting into one Party.

They have the lessons of history to guide them--Harper moved fast to unite the right, when "Juggernaut" Paul Martin was taking over, and the financial backers of the PCs and CA were pressuring the right to unite.

Look in the mirror Lefties.

Anonymous said...

Leader of the Green party?
You mean leader of the UN's Canadian arm of the international green activists political movement?
She's the mouth for an activist group that does not even have it's HQ in Canada.
Calling her the leader of the Green party legitimizes her and her international group as if they were are real Canadian political party. They are Not, they are less so than the BLOC, at least Quebec is in Canada.
It's exactly like having the Dems or Republicans run here, we would never allow it, yet we are allowing it with the international green movement and it needs to be stopped.

Anonymous said...

I find the whining and bitching the opposition (and loony lizzy) are doing about the MP's loss of working time to be extremely hypocritical. Not once do any of them mention the work days wasted by them on all the BS scandals they waste time "debating" in the HOC.
Hypocrit Clowns

Rob C

syncrodox said...

As suggested by Anon2 they might be more effective if they were hypocritical mimes.


Spin Assassin said...

hahaha! Please Ms. May, don't go on a hunger strike.

CanadianSense said...

Perhaps the coal in her stocking was not so funny after all.

Anonymous said...

If Liz May went on a hunger strike, when would we notice?

syncrodox said...

I would notice when I saw a really hyper mime with huge teeth at a climate conference.


Anonymous said...

Anon at 4:13:
"If Liz May went on a hunger strike, when would we notice?"

Oh, I get it. A joke about her physical appearance.

You know something.... Ellie May can go on a diet and lose weight but you're always going to be a moron.

syncrodox said...


It's not about the size of the's about the lack of the wise.

Lighten up and have a Happy New Year.


CanadianSense said...

I was going for the anti-banshee shrill personally.

I can't hit my mute button fast enough when I see her.

syncrodox said...


The power of the shrill is something to behold.


Marx-A-Million said...

Elizabeth is perfect just the way she is. When I see her on television, it is like there is a party in my pants and everyone is invited!

I'd still rather lay with Nancy Pelosi.

syncrodox said...


I respect your commitment.


AtlanticJim said...

She seems mighty upset considering neither she, nor anyone else in her party actually has a job there.

syncrodox said...


I noticed that oddity also. On the other hand Liz is sure fun to have around.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure everyone can figure out why the charming Syncrodox is divorced.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that Elizabeth May holidayed at Ignatieff's home in Florence after Copenhagen?

That could be where some coalition plot and a nice comfy position for Elizabeth from the Liberals might have come into play. After all, Ignatieff will promise anybody anything if they say they like him over Harper.

So, now the PM has foiled their plans AGAIN. And, methinks it is Bob Rae AGAIN trying to unite the left for a non election takeover - timed most likely for before the budget if the House was sitting.

Plausible? You bet.

syncrodox said...


If you're going to offer free online psychology please use a distinctive handle.

Dr. Anon or perhaps Siggy Fraud could work.


Liz sure does have her knickers in a knot.


Patrick Ross said...

Mostly because Elizabeth May thinks it's funny to bore Canadians with allegations of torture of Afghan detainees by people who aren't Canadian soldiers as a distraction from the Olympics.